In which I hold the fate of many in my hands.

14 Apr

Greetings! Here I am, sitting in…a building…somewhere on the OU campus! It’s a wonderful 77 degrees here, and I’m sitting inside. Of course. What did you expect? And yes, I have my hoodie on. Sleeves rolled up, just so you know. I’m sitting on the floor, watching boys in suits walk past me with their frantic-looking coaches in tow. It’s quite hilarious, actually. The ballot table is three feet from my foot, and the anxious glances it gets make me giggle. Seriously, people, nothing has been decided yet. Sheesh. That happens in the tab room at the end of a round. This is the middle of a round. Cool your jets.

Anyways, I’m judging LD today. LD is the much-shortened version of Lincoln-Douglas debate. In this debate, one person talk about resolutions, justice, and the United States’ affairs while the other person in the round argues about how something isn’t just and therefore shouldn’t be done by the US. It’s not as complicated as it could be…really.

As I judge, I hold people’s fates in my hands Seriously. My pen decides whether someone moves on to semi-finals or gets kicked to the curb. Back to the back. Sent home.

The point is, I have the power. It’s awesome. (along with the other judges, of course)

So sitting here, I’m kind of ‘scoping out’ my next prey target victim…my next…um…round. Anyway. Although I don’t love judging LD, I will if I need to, and in this case, duty calls. I mean, the debate coach of my high school is kind of paying for my hotel and some of my food. How could I refuse judging this? I couldn’t, that’s how.

I ran into one of my old high school buddies while I was sitting here. He just walked in the door (he goes to OU) and said hey. I was just kind of staring…and then I realized I was staring…and then we ran off and had lunch in a little cafe place called the Couch. It was pretty good. OU food is pricey, in my opinion, but meh. Whatchya gonna do. We talked about a ton of stuff…movies, food, music, classes, summer jobs. Basically, poor college student stuff. It was quite enjoyable. And the food was warm, and didn’t taste like the usual greasy caf food, so I was happy.

Oh, this morning, I got left. Not at the hotel, thank goodness. I was supposed to ride to another building with the one LD-er my team has, and he was catching a ride from a parent. They told me they were leaving, then walked away. I took a total of five seconds to clean up my stuff and walked after them…but they were already gone. I still have no idea where they went to…but I rushed around a bit, found a phone number, and called them. I was a little bit mad, not going to lie, but they turned around and picked me up and we were off again. I got some sun chips out of the mess, so I wasn’t too mad after the fact, but it was still not a great situation…I don’t like being left.

Well, anyways. Enough for now. More later? Sure thing. Tune in again soon!

And next time, I won’t be complaining. Hopefully. 😛

Peace and happy dreams!

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