In which I interrupt someone’s class.

15 Apr

That’s right. I walked into a class that wasn’t mine. Here at OU, I can never tell if something is part of the debate tournament or actually a college function. As it is State, I tend to assume it’s all part of the high school thing. I was wrong in this one case, though.

This happens approximately twice every year.

Seriously, we’re here for three days and I somehow manage to walk in on someone having a class. Everyone stares at me, I turn bright red, apologize profusely, and back out of the room, closing the door as quietly as I can…and then, a few minutes later, the door opens and the class walks out. They all snicker at me as they leave, and I’m left sitting on the floor feeling retarded. Guess I deserve it…sometimes.

Really, all students look the same when you’re peering through a blind over a tiny, warped window on a door. I didn’t know any better. At least I’m entertaining someone…AWKWARD MOMENT.

But moving right along…

Today, as I said earlier, I judged a variety of things. First up was poetry, in which juniors and seniors in high school interpret a selection that they have picked and rehearsed. They “read” it in front of us (a panel of three judges) and we pick the best and rank the others accordingly.

Let me tell you, there are some good poetry pieces this year. One girl did one called “A Collection of Interesting People” by KJ-52 (Weird, right?) and it was SO funny. Her faces were hysterical, and her voices were all different and all so funny. She talked about mullets, cheeseburgers, and a creeper addicted to Mountain Dew. I laughed. Another girl did one called “I Like You a Whole Bunch of a Lot” and “Spherical Man” and they were both so funny. Go look up the first one; it was super cute. It’s by Mike McGee. I think that’s how it’s spelled…

Anyways. Next I judged domestic extemp…which is dumb because I have never watched or participated in DEX. It ended well, though. They weren’t too complicated, I knew one of the guys in the round, and I got the chance to kind of ‘catch up’ with the country…something I don’t normally do. 😀

Last, I judged monologue. This is one of my personal favorites. The speech is supposed to be six minutes, comprised of two parts; a humorous piece, and a dramatic piece. It’s really a showcase for actors. I did this in high school, and I did fairly well. The pieces in the round I judged, however, weren’t very good. Honestly, only one of them actually made me smile…and the dramatic pieces were just…dumb.

But now I’m going to dinner with my favorite aunt (on my dad’s side, not overall) and my brudder, Jake. 🙂 Happiness! I have no idea where we’ll be going…but I’m getting food, and I get to see them. That’s good enough for me.

Also, I’m pretty much broke. For those of you in recent contact with me, you know this to be quite true. Yup. Broke college student in Norman…sad.

Peace and happy dreams!

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