In which I howl at the moon.

18 Apr

There is a gummy bear watching me type.

Yesterday was crazy, to say the least. I went to Tulsa! Yay! With muh fren, Mysti. It was so fun!

First, we went to the mall. I drove (hehe). We went to the food court and met my friend, Chris. We had lunch (bourbon chicken nom nom) and we talked. It was great fun!

Then we walked around the mall twice looking for a store that wasn’t actually there.

Then we walked into almost every single store. I found a couple dresses, but none that were really that great. None that I was willing to buy with my lack of funds…anyway. We walked around the mall a grand total of roughly four times. Let’s just say my feet hurt. A lot.

After we were done at the mall, we drove to Ross’s, and from there we went to Payless and the Shoe Carnival store. I wanted to find some red high-top converse. I found some, but they were a lot more expensive than my budget allowed for. Sadly.

So when we were done there, we went to Panera Bread and ate. It was there that I finally acknowledged truth: I have a thing for bread. I LOVE THAT STUFF OK.

I bought some bagels and cheesy bread stuff. So good…

When we came back, I went on a walk with a great friend and finally got out some things that I’ve been thinking and worrying about lately. It was so good to finally get that off my mind.

Walk being over, I wanted to crash in my room. Mysit, however, would have none of this, and literally dragged me out of my room and into the rose garden. We laid on the sidewalk, staring at the moon–me blindly, because my glasses fell off in the dragging process. We talked a little, and then we started barking at each other. Before we could even think about it, we were literally howling at the moon. Howling, friends. Loudly. And then laughing hysterically. At ourselves. hahahahaha

Can’t wait till tomorrow…or tonight, rather. We’re playing volleyball, yay!!

Peace and happy dreams, filled with crazy animals. 🙂


Posted by on April 18, 2011 in bored..., Food, Friends, Travel!


2 responses to “In which I howl at the moon.

  1. mdrothfuss

    April 18, 2011 at 8:13 pm

    hehe you got it right my big bad wolf….
    over and out,
    little big pig

  2. Shadowed Words

    April 19, 2011 at 1:01 am

    You eated the gummy bear!!!


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