In which my car is possessed.

19 Apr

Another day has nearly passed. This is sad news indeed, as it means one thing.

School is almost over.

This is kind of a scary thought. I mean, really. After this week, we have two more weeks of school and then finals. This also means that in the next three weeks, I will have ton of homework to do. Ye gods.

On the bright side, today I got a good bit done. I finished a paper, read a lot of three books (for classes) and earned a little money. (This is good news indeed) I ‘worked’ this morning (meaning I sat at a table, doing homework and serving three people food), so I got a little cash from that. Then I went to class (world lit, one of my favorites) and talked about how I’m reading Beastly (which is pretty much the best book ever). After that, I ran down to where my mom teaches CC (Classical Conversations; ask me about it sometime) and took her my copy of The Screwtape Letters. While there, she asked if I could take a couple kids to Sonic. While there, she bought me a drink and brought me back to campus, handing me a little cash before I left. Happy happy…I love my mom so much.

Yesterday, though…let me tell you about yesterday.

Yesterday, my car was possessed. I mean it. Lights on the dashboard blinking and dinging and beeping at me, my power steering going kaput, and the brakes hovering between way too touchy and a little ineffective. I almost died. (not really)

My dad took it in to the shop, and I took his old truck for the day, but my brother wanted it back, so I took it to him earlier today (which explains why my mom drove me back to campus). The people we took my car to don’t have the part they need to fix my possessed car, so it’s going to be a couple days…until then, I am car-less and stuck. This is no good and great at the same time. It’s no good because I can’t go anywhere. It’s great because…I can’t go anywhere. This means no spending money.

Speaking of which, I really want some ice cream. Hmmm.

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Posted by on April 19, 2011 in Books, bored..., Family, Food, School


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