In which I travel to west Kansas. Willingly.

22 Apr

That’s right. West Kansas. Middle of nowhere west Kansas, too. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Colby, KS. Population, 6,000. Oh yeah! There’s Sonic, Walmart, and that’s about it, as far as I can tell so far. 😉

There’s also my dear Little Big Pig’s home. For those of you who don’t know, that’s Mysti’s nickname. We drove around for a bit this afternoon (we got here at noon) and went to surprise her family and friends. See, we’ve been planning this trip for about a month, but we didn’t tell anyone we were coming. It was a shurprishe. Yesh.

Only, her mom guessed that we were coming (darn motherly intuition) and so we didn’t surprise her much at all. But we did surprise a couple other people, so that was fun. I’ve met a lot of new people already.

The road trip itself wasn’t too bad. It’s about seven hours out here, and we spent most of that time being random and listening to music. We stopped and got curly fries, sprite, and doritos. This morning, we went to get chicken nuggets at 10:30…yeah, I have really random cravings sometimes. Most of the times. A lot.

Tonight we plan to get a little thing of icing and eat it with spoons.

Also, Lent breaks soon (!!!!!!) so we’re going to make no-bake cookies (I gave up chocolate) and Dr. Pepper (Mysti gave up caffeine). I can’t wait. I have an entire box of girl scout cookies waiting in my bag downstairs. (which reminds me, I need to pay for those soon…)

Man. I’m getting kind of bored. I guess I would be anywhere on a day like today…maybe I should do homework?


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