In which I completely adore Owl City.

02 May

Owl City.

The very mention of this greatness gives me chills. His genius is overwhelmingly awesome; he creates music, writes a fantastic blog. He loves the same God I love and he is not afraid to say so. He is, in a word, wonderful. This is a little blurb from a recent blog post. He’s talking about making his album, but I think any and all artists can relate to this. I know I can:

“You’ve singlehandedly designed and constructed an entire skyscraper. You started with nothing and built an enormous building from the ground up. You know every crack in the floor, every wrinkle in the wallpaper, every gap in the floorboards. You know what color each wall in every room needs to be. You know the exact hue of lime green the pipes under the kitchen cabinet should be painted. You can hire people to come in and help you work on this building, but only you understand how it should look when it’s finished. You designed it, you created it, and no one understands your vision better than you do.”

My jaw hit the floor when I read that. The way Adam Young thinks constantly astounds me. I’ve been following him on twitter, as most of you know, and I cannot believe most of the things he tweets. His thoughts are disjointed and yet make complete sense; he talks about ‘alligator skies’ and ‘helicopter moons’ and puts things on his blog about singing horses. WHAT? This guy is too funny.

But then he has serious moments. He stays up late, recording songs that will never actually make it to an album because they’re ‘not good enough’ or they’re just for fun. These, in my opinion, are some of the best things he does. For example:

I want to meet Adam Young. I have no idea what I would do if I did meet him, but I know I would remember it until the day I died. Ahh yup.

Alright, I think I’ve freaked out about this enough…

I will leave you with another quote from hit Twitter account.

#ThatAwkwardMoment when you hide in your closet and don’t end up in Narnia.

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