In which I require theme music.

10 May

Yep. That scary.

You guessed it, friends; it’s that time of year again.

That scary, freaky, no-good, insane time of year.

Finals week. *cue evil theme music now*

So this past week (and the some) has been spent freaking out about studying, papers I have to turn in, and about everything else a normal college student freaks about, including money. Phew, I’m all freaked…out…haha…

I also joined the basketball team! Yay!…? It’s going to be hard but I’m pretty excited. I’m also just going to be on JV, but all the same…better than nothing. I need to stay active to LIVE so this is helpful and healthy. At the same time. It will also keep me in pretty bomb shape, so that’ll be awesome.

Cause I’m not in shape right now.

Alright, well, you probably saw this coming, but I gotta go because I gotta study…heh…kind of been procrastinating. 😀

Also, Doctor Who is awesome…go watch season 6. BUT don’t start in season 6 or you will be LOST beyond belief…….

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