In which I read…a lot.

17 May

I had forgotten how much reading I do when I don’t have to worry about school. I mean, yeah I read during the school year. A chapter before bed, a few pages when I’m waiting on the class before mine to get out, when I’m early, when I have absolutely nothing to do. But during the summer, when I have a part-time job and lots of free time, I read. And I don’t mean I spend a couple weeks ruminating on a good, thick novel. Nossir. I fly through pages. Yesterday, I read almost 200 pages. I finish a book in three days, easy, usually less.

My current reading project is a series. So far, I’ve spent a total of about five days and finished two books. I’m 50 pages into the third and last in the series. Even though this isn’t Austen or Dickens level writing, it’s still a lot of reading. Each of the books is about 350 pages long.

The series is called The Hunger Games and it’s fantastic. So far, this last book is my least favorite, but I’m not far into the actual plot yet. Just some pre-conflict buildup, really. It’s so good, though. The first one is great, and you can probably read it without having to read the other two, but if you’re anything like me, you have to finish something you start like this.

It’s fantastic, really, and inspiring. An author (like Suzanne Collins, the Hunger Games writer) can create an entire world based on her own imagination and crazy thoughts. The most astonishing part of a series, in my opinion, is if the author manages to keep the book world untainted and uniform. If there are constant new ideas and new places in the story, it’s no good. The uniformity and sameness of the world is broken by change. But if the author simply builds on what they have already created in the story world, then the place becomes more than just a story they’re spilling onto paper. It becomes an actual place, with detail and people like us and the occasional fantastic creature. The very idea of keeping an entire world separate from ours is astonishing to me. How do they do it? I’ve been trying for so long…

It’s stories like The Hunger Games and the follow-up books that really inspire me. I mean, I want to write something just like that someday. I want to not be embarrassed every time I have an idea that stretches imagination, natural laws, and ideals. I don’t want to hide behind that ‘line’ that no one must cross. I want to be the first one to step across that line and show a whole new world to readers. I want to be remembered for what I give the world in my writing.

Can I do it?

I have no idea, but I know one thing for sure:

I’m going to keep trying until I find out.

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