Cynics and Slow Death.

31 May

Hey, guess what today is!

That’s right.

It’s Taylor Tuesday!!

This Tuesday, I thought I’d talk about one of my favorite songs off of the Speak Now album, Long Live. If I don’t ramble too long about that song, I might also talk about Story Of Us, which I mentioned in a previous post.

Long Live is the underdog’s story. Taylor supposedly wrote it about her band (which shows just how awesome she is) but it can be applied to anyone who is ‘on the bottom of the heap.’ The best line in the song is, “And the cynics were outraged, screaming, “this is absurd!” cause for a moment a band of thieves in ripped up jeans got to rule the world!” I want to be the one that cynics look at and say, ‘It’ll never happen.’ Then I want to turn around and be the one that no one was expecting–the one that makes it, and makes it big.

Story of Us is quite different. It’s about two people who start out as ‘the lucky ones;’ together and happy and perfect. Then, slowly, they grow apart. One person hates what’s happening; “It’s killing me!” They scan the room for empty seats, because they’re not speaking, and, as she says, “I don’t even know what page you’re on.” After all, you can’t write a story together if you’re not on the same page, right? The music video shows this so well. At the end, the two people come face to face and then shrug and walk away. That, unfortunately, is not always how it ends. Ending a relationship is almost always one-sided, and one person is left behind, thinking that things should have gone differently. The other person walks away, knowing what they did was right. Eventually, the first person can come to terms with it, but it takes a long while for that to happen–trust me. Story of Us, though, is such a great song because it shows the difficulty in keeping something together, in staying on the same page. It shows how tough it can be on someone when the situation eats at them but they don’t know how the other feels. It also shows how long it can take for a relationship to end; in the song, it seems like one person waits forever just to find out how the story ends.

Well, that’s my imparted wisdom for today. I hope you enjoyed Taylor Tuesday.

I’m exhausted. What a long but awesome day!

Bring on all the pretenders!

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