06 Jun

Well, here I am again, and this time I’ve got to say…

I’m excited for this next week.

On Thursday, I’m leaving to go with the Orange Movement Summer Ministry Team (which I will now call OMT) and going to Texas. Our first stop is something with a weird name. Let me look…New Braunfels, Texas! That’s where that super-awesome water slide thing is, the one with the weird German-ish name. Schluderbaun. Or something.

We will eventually be going to San Diego, Sacramento, Portland OR, Idaho, Kansas, Colorado, Missouri…lots of awesome places.

And here’s what the OMT is doing:

We are going to different places across the north/mid-west and telling people about the one thing the Orange Movement is focused on; Human Trafficking. This is such a huge issue today. It’s incredible how prevalent it is and how little people know about it. If you think slave trading stopped in the 1800’s, think again; it never stopped, and may be more prevalent today than it was in the past. Whereas human trafficking used to be a widely-known thing and slaves were pretty much a luxury, and therefore something everyone knew about, today’s slaves are cheap, available, and completely under the radar.

There are an estimated 1.2 million children being trafficked each year. The children are usually smuggled across the border in the back of vans, sneaking across the border, and sneaking through security or paying off people to get themselves across the border; most of the children that this is done to are from Mexico or South America. Other children are given fake passports as well as money in order to help them buy off their entry into the country. Once the children are accepted (or snuck) into the country, they are taken to a home or a location where they can be exploited for the most profit.

Some people use slaves to save themselves effort; labor, business, etc. They are forced to do things that their ‘owners’ don’t want to do. Other are sexually abused and exploited. Sadly, child prostitution is becoming a bigger deal than it used to, and the age of children forced into slavery is getting lower and lower. Whereas several years ago the youngest child slave may have been about 13 years old, today there are reports of five-year old girls forced into horrible things, all the way from forced prostitution to hard labor and beyond.

It is the OMT’s goal to stop this horrible habit of the world’s. We want to free the slaves, and we’re raising awareness so that we can get others to join us in the fight to end world slavery.

So Go Orange!

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  1. Farewell Oblivion

    June 6, 2011 at 5:21 pm

    Go, indeed.


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