“This chicken looks like Africa!”

07 Jun

The Orange Movement Team had some pretty great bonding time today…let me tell you about it.

The past couple mornings, we’ve gotten up just a tad earlier than we normally would for a 9 o’clock meeting. The three of us on the OMT have met at Jude’s or in front of the library and had a short devotional. Skyler (the only guy on the team, poor thing…) took over the first day. He talked about Romans 12, which is a really great chapter. The first 8 verses especially are relevant to modern-day slavery. This morning, I took a turn. I talked about Psalm 142, my favorite psalm. At first glance, this is probably the most depressing chapter in Psalms. When you really look at it, though, and read it through again and really think about what each different piece of the chapter means, you get a lot more out of it than you would on a light reading.

This psalm is one that David wrote when he was hiding in a cave, trying to escape his friend’s dad. Jonathon was a great friend to David, but his dad–Saul–was not a very nice guy to David. He threatened David’s life, so Dave ran to the cave, seeking safety. He wrote the Psalm when he was just about to give up. You can tell from reading it that David was desperate. He wanted to get out and go, do what he knew he needed to.

The psalm shows just how amazing David’s faith in God was. Even in this lowest of low points, David doesn’t shake his fist at God and say, ‘I hate you!’ NO! He gets down on his knees, raises his eyes and hands to heaven, and thanks God for what He is doing. He says that he knows God will provide plentifully for him. He knows that even though no one else cares for his soul and his life, God has great things for him, and God cares. He knows God will provide for him, and he trusts completely in His providence and lovingkindness.

Oh, to have faith like David.

Anyways, that was my devo.

This afternoon, we got a few OM t-shirts so that we can represent in style. Then we looked over the display we’re going to be setting up, and went over a couple more details. After that, we went to Owasso to do a little last-minutes cover-all-your-bases shopping. This was pretty fun; each of us got a couple shirts, shorts, or something like that.

Dinner: Olive Garden. Om nom nom. We were in the middle of the meal when Kelly (the OMT leader) said ecstatically, “This chicken looks like Africa!” I think the waitress got a huge kick out of that, because when she heard Kelly get excited about the Andes’ mints at the end of the meal, she brought a whole handful and gave them to Kelly then laughed and walked away. She was pretty cool, our waitress.

I learned a lot about the people I’ll be travelling with the rest of this summer, and I think I’ll enjoy it quite a bit. They’re both very different personalities, and they’re both different from me, so it will be fun learning about them and learning to get along with them.

Here are a couple of random facts about them that you may not know:

Skyler’s life calling is a split between zoo’s and smuggling bibles into China or North Korea.

Kelly loves Dancing with the Stars (or was it So You Think You Can Dance?) and she is very, very close to her family.

Me…well, I don’t have a life calling of smuggling bibles. I’m close to my family, but I want to live in Italy. My passion is writing, and I will use it however I can to do what God calls me to do. This summer, I plan to do as much fact-writing as I can for the OM, as well as continuing to blog about the many wonderful things God puts in my path. I hope that, through it all, I can have faith like David!

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