Travelling With Nigel.

12 Jun


It’s only been four short days since we left OWU, and yet it seems like so much longer. The things we’ve done and seen since we left our small school to go on the first of many adventures are numerous and awesome. If you haven’t been reading my tweets lately, you have definitely been missing out big time. I mean it.

It turns out that the people I’m travelling with are two of the most interesting people I could have been with this summer.They’re both completely different and awesome in their own ways, and when we’re all hyper, the most hilarious things are said and done.

Kelly is full of stories, most hilarious, some sobering, about her past, her family, her home, and Africa. Her drive is fantastic, and she reaches high for goals–and usually makes it. She is definitely fit to be this team’s leader, and I think she was a great pick for the team. Her Swaziland stories are hilarious–let me tell you what, they had shome sherioush adventuresh on that trip. I also discovered that she wants to go to a zoo in every state. We may try to go to one here in Dallas so she can cross Texas off her list. When we hit San Diego in July, we’re going to try as hard as we can to get California off of her list, too. She also journals, which I think is really neat. Her notebook is full of quotes, thoughts, and the occasional Schlitterbahn wristband. (that’s where we went Friday.)

Skyler is by far the funniest person on this trip. While us girls do have some funny things to say, Skyler’s humor is completely and awesomely entertaining. He says the funniest things ever. He gets really hyper at night and after he watches Boy Meets World, which is apparently his favorite TV show in the history of the world. He has a pretty funny chuckle–I would almost call it a giggle, but that sounds too girly for such a manly man. When he gets upset–serious or not–his voice gets high pitched and a little squeaky. It cracks Kelly and me up, and we laugh at him probably more than we should. But when you say things like, “Let’s go see Kung Two Panda” in complete seriousness, we can’t help but laugh. Skyler is also one of the greatest people when talking to others–he can connect with anyone, it seems like. Since he’s been around two girls for so long (a whole tortuous week now), he really hits it off with guys that we meet along the way, and he talks to them about anything slash everything.

Our faithful travelling companion–aka, our GPS–has been dubbed Nigel (for those of you confused by my tweets) because of his Australian accent and personality. He tells us where to go, but he gets confused pretty often. “Recalculating” has been a pretty common word, at least in towns. We went to a movie last night, and Nigel told us where a theater was. He forgot to mention, however, that we had to be in a different street than we were on. Skyler is a huge movie fan, and he got all high-pitched and hilarious when the car slowly whizzed past the Cinemark. Nigel kept telling us that we were arriving at our destination, but we kept going past the theater, and Skyler glared at the poor GPS and said, completely serious, “Nigel, if you had a heart, I would stab it right now.” Poor Nigel gets a lot of flack from the team, but we would literally be lost without him.

Friday and Saturday we were at the TX/LA district conference meeting. We set up our booth for the first time–definitely a bit rough, but possible–and talked to a ton of really great, caring people. We listened through the meeting to the church’s new budget, plans for a church plant, and even the ordination of a new reverend. Some of it was interesting, some of it was a bit slow, but then we got our moment–Dr. Piper got up to talk about the school and introduced the OMT to the listeners. Kelly and Skyler had prepared a three minute speech/story about the problem of human trafficking, and it went so well. I sat in the front row and recorded it, and let me tell you, I heard a couple gasps when people heard the story Kelly told. There were some nods of appreciation and a generous applause when we were finished, and when we went to the back to man our table, we were bombarded with questions and people’s thoughts on the matter. It was a great opportunity, and I think I’ve already learned a lot just from that couple of days.

This morning we were at a church near Ft. Worth, Texas, and again Kelly and Skyler got up and spoke, this time doing a little improv and expanding their speaking time. The church itself was great–one of the best I’ve been to in a long time, actually, and they received us so well and welcomed us with open arms. It was a great, great opportunity, and I’m so glad we were given the chance to do what we did. I hope that more opportunities like that come along, and that we are able to take them. Maybe next time I’ll be up on that stage, telling people about what they can do to stop human trafficking.

We’re heading back to the school for a little ‘debriefing’ Wednesday or Thursday, and then heading out pretty soon after that for another 5 weeks. This summer is going to seem long and short and awesome and everything all at the same time.

Let me leave you with a great Skyler quote:

“I like women, and I like sugar, but I can have neither.” (and here’s a bonus: “Johnny Depp is beautiful. But there is more to life than beautiful men. Trust me, I would know.”)

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