Nitty Gritty.

15 Jun

It has been brought to my attention–and I’m sad to say I hadn’t even thought of this before–that you, readers, might want to know what the OMT is actually doing. Duh moment. Someone slap me. NO! Just kidding, don’t…

Well. Ahem. A lot of what we do is kind of tedious. About half of the time this past week–by the way, we’re back for the weekend–we were driving or gathering ourselves for the next venture of the hotel room/house. That’s just a fancy way of saying we sat and read or wrote or did whatever we could to pass the time. I watched Seven Pounds for the first time. It was life-changing, and I’m not really exaggerating. Kelly journaled a bit, Skyler (almost) finished Boy Meets World, and I got a lot of reading done. And by a lot I mean not a ton but a good chunk of a book is read, so…yeah.

The other percent of the time, we’re meeting with people, talking to people, presenting for people, and the like. For example, we went to the district conference meeting in New Braunfels. While we were there, we set up a little table/booth thing, along with some really awesome paintings by a girl at the school. We sold some t-shirts, bracelets, and handed out fliers. We answered people’s questions–the main ones being, “What is the Orange Movement,” “Where are you guys from?.” and “Who painted there?” I’m a pro at answering those questions.

Answers (to all but the last, since I already answered that): We’re a group of college students from OWU who have been called to let people know about the Orange Movement. The OM is a grassroots organization that started on our campus. Our aim is to fight human trafficking by raising awareness and getting the word out there. We’re not seeking to be a better organization that others, like Traffick911, but rather we’re trying to show people organizations like that that can help people–like you–find out what you can do to fight modern day slavery. We want you to join us to becoming Abolitionists Again.

Whew. So that’s kind of a drawn out answer, but you get the point.

Then, at the conference, Kelly and Skyler got up and gave a short presentation on the Orange Movement. This time around, I just video-taped it, because I’m brand-spanking-new to this operation. When we head out again in less than a week, I’ll hopefully be participating in the speaking part.

At the conference, we were approached by about three different pastors, asking us to come to their church and present there. We went to one called Horizons, and it was so great. The pastor was a really amazing guy, and his church, though small, was just as incredible. They don’t have a building, so they have to set up and break down their equipment every single week. They were all such hard workers, and I was amazed by what they did. Their response was really warming, as well. Pray that they get a building soon!

Yesterday, we met with a guy from Traffick911, which is a great organization in the Dallas area. They are doing some incredible stuff, let me tell you. Everything they do is driven, purposeful, and as safe as they can manage. Of course, there’s a huge risk in fighting this elephant: traffickers are smart. They’re not just going to let people fight them without countering the attack. Traffick911 knows this, and they know, to an extent, how these people work. They’re slowly raising awareness and trying to help the problem with modern-day slavery. Really, it’s amazing, what these people are doing.

Last night we went to the Boys and Girls club, where the leader of Traffick911 gave a little presentation and talked with us for a couple minutes. Again, amazing.

Next week, we’re going to possibly visit a few different cities within a couple hours of the Ville, and then we’re headed off to more conferences. This means more long, boring meetings about the state of the Wesleyan church, more speeches, more budget numbers, and (probably) a couple of the same faces. I’m excited, though, because it means more speaking, more getting the word out, more doing something. More OMT time.

I have definitely enjoyed getting to know Kelly and Skyler this past week. They’re both incredible, and this summer is going to be great.

Now, I can’t promise a post every day. Not even close. Probably not even very regular posts. But! You should check back every day anyway, just because I said so. Hehe. When I do post this summer, you can count on some long, informational, hopefully funny posts. You can count on knowing what the OMT is up to. And I promise, I will put a picture of us and the mascot–named Eric–up here before too long. We just have to actually take a picture with the mascot first. 😀


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2 responses to “Nitty Gritty.

  1. Farewell Oblivion

    June 15, 2011 at 7:16 pm

    You’re welcome by the way. Boys and Girl’s Club! Love that organization!

    • waitingondarcy

      June 15, 2011 at 8:11 pm

      @Farewell Oblivion Thanks…hehe…Yep! It was a gang intervention program…


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