Earworms and Words.

16 Jun

Let’s get down to business…

…to defeat the Huns.

Hehe. I had to.

How many times have you woken up in the morning with a ridiculously catchy song playing over and over in your head? Once in your lifetime? Once a year? Once a month? Once a week?

For me, it’s usually about once a day. Sometimes I’ll have more than one song go through my head in 24 hours. People get annoyed because when I start singing a song, I usually don’t stop until it’s gone. Even then, all I have to do is hear a couple notes of that song and off I go again, singing…angrily.

You know what that’s called? That song that’s stuck in your head? It’s called an earworm. Don’t look it up in the dictionary; you won’t find that word. I’m not kidding. The Oxford English Dictionary has a list–or, should I say, a room–of words that have been said, but not enough to put in the dictionary. For the OED, that’s saying a lot; they have the biggest, thickest dictionary. Ever. Period. So when they don’t include a word, it’s because it seriously is not in use, or at least not at that time.

But they release some of the words they don’t use. Earworm is one of them. Another is pregreening. That’s when you sit at a light and ease forward before the light even turns green. Or polkadodger. That’s when you do a little dance with someone in the hallway when you try to pass them, and you both go the same way.

Words are weird, huh? But that’s why I like them so much. They’re just like my friends. Some are pretty normal. Some are a little crazy. Some are weirder than others. Some are just so stinkin’ awesome that you have to do something with it even though it doesn’t make sense….like earworm.

That word I use. I don’t use pregreening a lot. But only a few people know what I’m talking about; so, to make me sound less insane than I am (ha, lies…), I’m telling you what I mean when I say weird things.

Don’t judge me.

I’m gonna go sing some Mulan songs now. Quietly. To myself. In a corner.

Look for the white jacket and padded walls. That’s me. Might want to take a step back, though…

*devilish laughter*

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