Mind’s Eye.

20 Jun

I have four words for you:

Official. Social. Media. Updater.

May not make sense yet, but it will. Wanna know why?

Starting within the next couple of days, I am going to be the official social media updater for the Orange Movement Team. This means several things. First, it means that I will be blogging and updating Twitter for the OMT and keeping everyone up to date. Second, it means that my summer is going to be full of writing. Third, it means that this blog may be a little left-behind for a couple of months. I hope you guys don’t mind. Actually, I hope you do, and I hope that you’re so sad about reading less and less here that you go to the OM blog that I will be writing on and read that. I’ll let you know as soon as I have links for that.

In the meantime, though, before I put my nose to the grindstone and start on a wonderful job that allows me to write all summer, I think that this blog could use a little TLC.

You guys are probably worn out with the whole wedding thing; I’ve been tweeting about it and writing about it an awful lot lately. Sorry about that; I went to a close friend’s wedding, and it was wonderful. But I think it’s time for a change of pace…

I know the future is frightening, but I want you to look at it for a minute. Don’t think too hard–you might cause some sort of paradox and cause the space-time continuum to, you know, explode. Don’t think about tomorrow. Or next week. Or next year. Or the next fifty years. Think instead about the fourth generation down; your great-great grandchildren. Let’s not get all theological and stuff and talk about how the earth is or isn’t going to last that long. Instead, focus on the more fantastical things.

Imagine this: You have the chance to go see your great-great-grandchild without any harm to you, your future, your children, or anyone else. You can’t stay in the future, but you can visit for a few days. Can you see the future? What does it look like to you? [remember, no biblical stuff here] What does your great-whatever look like? Blond? Brunette? Red head? Natural hair color? Are they even still human? See, I’m picturing a kind of Doctor Who future. Aliens and whatnot. It’s pretty fun, actually.

What has become of your family tree? Are you still living where you are now, or in the States, or on Earth at all? What have your children’s children been up to the past 100 or so years? What’s the neatest thing you find in this futuristic society? Is it some kind of weapon? Tool? New computer deal? What’s the culture like? Has it changed much at all? Do people still read the same books? Is Harry Potter still a big deal, or has it been replaced by something even better (or worse)?

Are cities bright and beautiful, or cold and colorless? Do the buildings disappear into the clouds, or have people started building underground instead? Maybe all the buildings are one-story but spread out like a mansion. What’s the ‘new black’? Are there colors that you’ve never seen, words you’ve never heard? Do people still know what a hot dog is, and do they still eat popcorn when they watch movies? What do movies look like? Are they so completely 3D that they’ve become something you walk into and follow the main character around? [how cool would that be??]

Is beauty still relative? Are there any open places still left, or is everything so urbanized that you literally can’t see the forest for the jungle–the concrete jungle, that is?

What is one piece of wisdom you could bring back if you were to see all that?

Think about it and write a comment, any length, on your futuristic journey.

How does the world look through your mind’s eye?


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2 responses to “Mind’s Eye.

  1. Farewell Oblivion

    June 20, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    In my future, everyone’s gone backwards. Red hair has become the dominant trait and, in fact, the norm. Technology has progressed so fast and so ridiculously that no one’s keeping up anymore and it’s fallen away. Music and words are more valued than before. People create art like music, film, and books to be enjoyed for their own merit, not the money it can make. People have remembered who they were before the onset of technology and shunned everything that hinders personal connection. A great war will have occurred, forcing people to remember that they need each other. The battles will have been fought face to face with courage and dignity. When it ends, there will be dancing in the streets and people will have relearned how to dance with each other and be even happier.

    • mdrothfuss

      June 20, 2011 at 7:37 pm

      Ok. So I wasn’t going to respond to this because I don’t like to speculate on the future, but I love your answer so much. I would love to see a world like that.


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