Meet the Mascot.

22 Jun

I know that this may come as a disappointment to some of you, but…I don’t have a picture of the team with our mascot. I do, however, have a picture of the mascot. Which is an improvement. So here’s Eric the Loyal [or just Eric];

Here's ERIC!

Yes. He's a ducky.

Isn’t he awesome? I have a closer up picture that I will upload next time. He’s just the coolest little guy! He sits on the dashboard in the van–Mrs. Fairfax–and he inspires Skyler. Actually, when we took pictures with the team yesterday, Skyler was done and ready to go home until we mentioned Eric. Then he perked right up and insisted on taking more pictures. There are going to be a lot of team pictures…And hopefully, they’ll all be good. We even got Skyler to smile with his teeth and take a jumping picture with us. He only took one, but apparently it was a really good picture. Heh heh. In all of the pictures, us girls surround him…poor guy. Actually, lucky, but whatever.

So those rolls of weird looking-ness in the picture with Eric? Those are t-shirts. Most of them are Orange Movement shirts, and a couple are “Eagles for Freedom” shirts. Kelly and I spent about 2 hours rolling shirts. The ones in the pictures are all mediums…and only about half of the mediums are in that picture. Crazy, huh? Hopefully we can sell a lot of those so we don’t have to lug them all back here…that would be nice.

Well, we leave tomorrow for Kansas, where we will be visiting Skyler’s family. We’ll be staying there for two nights, one day, and then heading off to South Dakota, where the district conference meeting is going to be held. We’re planning on visiting Mount Rushmore at some point during that grand adventure. When we’re done there, we’ll be headed toward San Diego–where two of my friends are living in newly-wed bliss–with a quick pit stop in Salt Lake City. Then it’s on to Oregon, stopping in Sacramento. After Oregon, it’s Colorado, Kansas again, and then Missouri. After that, Oklahoma–and we’ll be done. We come back for a quick couple days of ‘debriefing’ and then Skyler and Kelly have to pick up their RA and Student Mentor jobs and get some training for that. For those two weeks, I plan to sleep in. A lot. And maybe visit a few people before school starts in mid-August. Man, this summer is about to fly by. Hopefully.

First, though, I have to pack.

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