Just Drivin’.

26 Jun


This is a rare occurrence. Don’t get used to this. OK? Good.

This is Brandon, Skyler’s older brother. We had some awesome watermelon…and then B insulted Kelly. hahaha

 No, you’re right.

 While in some little Colorado town–I think it was Holyoke–Kelly found a gas station and bought this epic hat:

Kelly and Eric with her Russian hat, staring creepily at everyone.

 Eric bravely led the way on our dashboard.

Our brave mascot and the gorgeous sunset.

That’s just how epic he is. And awesome. And stuff.

Eric, staring into the sunset.

 And then…South Dakota.

The amazingness of a South Dakota sunset…

We got out of the car on the side of the road to take pictures. That’s how amazing it was.

Isn’t it breathtaking?


And we all held our breath, it was so amazing.

 And we all took a picture in front of it.


So we passed through four states today; Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, and South Dakota. It was one of the best six-hour drives I’ve ever had. I drove for about two hours, and I think I got the most boring stretch. Kelly’s was pretty bad, too, but she also got a lot more driving time. Skyler got the fun part. We took a picture next to the Colorado sign…we missed the Nebraska and South Dakota ones (skyler). We’re going to try to hit them on the way back. I’ll put up the CO picture next time.

Well, we go to family camp Monday…should be fun. They have a high ropes course that we might try out!

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