Counting Votes.

27 Jun

Guess what I’ve been doing? That’s right. Counting votes at the Dakota Conference. I’m not even really sure what I’m counting votes for; I think the last ballet we did was for lay people. Whatever that is…I’m not really sure. Kelly and I were unstoppable, though; we were in a room with a bunch of ornery older women and more than a hundred ballets. Kelly and I just took a stack and dove right in.

I read the names out, and Kelly tallied them. It was a little bit slow-going, but we got through it. I thought we were going sooooo slow…until the very end. The woman in charge told us to count up all the vote tallies as well as the number of ballets. I counted the ballets I had read off; 53. When I looked up, I heard the others saying how many they had read off; 34, 38, etc. The other ladies were astounded at how many we had done. They wrote A+ on our ballet tally sheet.

Now that I think of it, I have no idea why Kelly didn’t take a picture of that. I’ll see what I can do this next time, and we may have a picture at the end of this post.

We have about 5 more ballets to do before we’re done.

Well, Kelly and I had a little bit of an adventure last night. We’re staying in a cabin for the family camp here in South Dakota, and the bathrooms and shower house is, unfortunately, a short walk away, not in our building. It was SO cold last night–58, I think–so Kelly and I put on our sweatshirts and scooted over to the showers. They. Are. Jank. First, the doors come up to my neck, no further. They don’t have a latch. The last stall doesn’t have a door at all. The water pressure in the middle two of the four stalls is nil. We ended up taking the fastest showers ever. I got the one with no door; it had water pressure. The hot water was there in force one second, then completely gone the next. We got out of our showers, got dressed more or less in the hall–no other spot to do it–and then walked around to the toilets…

…where we found another row of showers. These were better than the others by a lot. They all had doors AND curtains, a place to put clothes, and (probably) water pressure. I don’t know what they deal was. We were pretty mad about the fact that we didn’t fully explore the bathrooms before we ran in to take showers.

Now we know, right?

We’re hoping the hotel in Salt Lake City will be a little less…sketch.

Oh, and…no picture. Sorry.

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