Napping in South Dakota.

28 Jun

Guess what I did today?

I sliced open two of my fingers on our Orange Movement display. I’m pretty pathetic, huh? I don’t even know how I did it…I just did. It bled. A  lot. One of the cuts is super deep, the other deep but not as deep. The deeper one is long, too. It hurt, and there was lots of blood. Not funny. [ok, maybe a little funny]

The past couple of days have been relatively uneventful, apart from the shower experience [the other ones are better…except for the one I was in. The water came out the pipes instead of the shower head]. I’m hoping that tonight’s shower will be less…of an adventure. We also have kind of fallen into some semblance of a routine here. That basically means, we know when we’re supposed to be where, and the rest of the day we read or nap or try to talk to people. We had a little trouble with speaking–we’re hoping to get that resolved tomorrow. I’m going to be speaking…nerve-wracking…

Our suitcases look more and more ridiculous the longer we stay here. I swear, it’s like we pretty much moved in, aside from the fact that we’re leaving Thursday. We’ve kind of unpacked a little–me especially, since my stuff is in layers and most of what I’ve been wearing is stuff from the bottom layer.

I picked out a new computer! As soon as I get another check from this here job deal, I’m going to purchase that thing. It’s a Lenovo, for those of you who care, not a Mac, but it’s about $500 cheaper, so I don’t even care. Plus my grandpa has a Lenovo account, so it’s even better than a just straight $500 computer. It’s a nice, too–new processor, Windows 7 [finally], good screen, seems pretty light. I can’t wait to get back to the ville after I buy it and see what it’s like. Of course, that’ll have to wait till July 24th. Yep, you heard me right; that’s the day we will be done. Done done, not just back. We get back the…23rd, I believe. It’ll be sad to bid this summer adieu, but I’ll be happy to be home for a while.

Man, it went from upper 50 degree weather to upper 70’s. I don’t know how it did that in 12 hours, but it did. The sudden heat made us all super tired. I think all three of us took a good nap this afternoon before we headed to dinner. [by the way, the food here is so good. Not even kidding. Hands down, better than camp food I’ve had before, and way better than caf food]

So tomorrow is our last day here, and then Thursday morning we’ll be headed to Salt Lake City, where we will be staying in a nice four-star hotel [woot woot!] with good showers and [hopefully] fewer bugs. I can’t wait to get there; as much as I’m enjoying this place, I really would like to have a bed more comfortable than a sleeping bag. In Salt Lake City, we’ll be doing some manual labor…which could be interesting for weak little me. Then, Saturday, we head out to California! I can’t wait; beach, friends, 4th of July…the whole 9 yards.

I’m going to go try not to injure myself again. You guys have a good night. Stay out of trouble [like me, right?].

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One response to “Napping in South Dakota.

  1. suchmeagerinsight

    July 9, 2011 at 1:15 pm

    Molly, in case you haven’t noticed: I am reading your blog posts in an entirely random (but mostly backward) order, which is why I am only now reading this one. 😀 Crazy summer!! So, upper 70s is heat there?? How is it where you are now? Here it is rather dreadful. I don’t want to get crazy with 70s, but low 90s would be a much desired respite. It’s been over 100 degrees everyday (I think) for quite a while. It’s not so bad if I stay in the shade, but it is getting a little annoying. Have fun with your balmy weather!!


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