Mountains? Here?

01 Jul

From South Dakota to Wyoming to Utah, the Orange Movement team has been doing some travelling this past week. We’ve gone pretty much all the way across Wyoming–a beautiful drive. Who’da thunk?

Here’s Wyoming:

You can see mountains/uber big hills in the background

Isn’t that awesome? It was definitely one of the prettiest drives, although the road was extremely straight and a little boring [as far as driving goes].

And then we hit Utah. We’re in Salt Lake City right now–did some weed-pulling this morning. Working on my tan. Some more.

The road in Utah is more exciting; more ups, downs, and holy-cow-where-did-the-road-go turns. It was so pretty, too. For a while, we had mountains/hills on both sides, and the temperature in between South Dakota and Salt Lake City was right about 55 pretty much the whole way, and boy was it windy. Here’s a picture of Utah [actually, it’s a picture of the mountains, which you can see from Salt Lake City]:

Just ignore the power poles and stuff...

Yep, snow-capped mountains. Sorry about the picture quality [or lack thereof], I took it in the car. We were moving kinda faster than ideal.

Anyways. Tomorrow we’re leaving at 5a.m. to head out to sunny California. I’m pretty excited; I get to see a couple of my friends while we’re out there, and we’re gonna get some good beach-time, as well as some good face-time at the conference with all the pastors, lay people, etc. It’ll be great times!

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