South Dakota To California And Pictures To Match.

04 Jul

San Diego. California is beautiful. For those of you who know me, I believe that California is going to fall into the ocean and disappear forever. Well, I’m here to tell you that [while I still believe that] Cali is not all bad. In fact, I’m a fan of what I’ve seen so far. Which, admittedly, is not a whole lot, but it’s more viewing of California than I had ever had in the past. I apologize to any California natives that I might have offended in slamming their state.

But seriously, it is going to fall into the ocean. Just not until all the friends and/or family I have there moves far away.

I don’t think I have any family in California. What was I thinking?

Friends, you better hurry up and move before it’s too late.

Anyways. Today [as in, the past 15 hours] has been what we Okies like to call a long day. Actually, it’s what I like to call a long day. We got up at—not kidding—4:45 this morning. Yep, a.m. Really. Me. Up that early.

We left our snazzy four-star hotel—which was great, by the way—and hit the road. It was, as I like to say, dark and early. I got to see [most] of a sunrise; a lot of the actual rising part I was not entirely conscious for. Yes, I was awake the whole time, but no, I was not ‘all there’ the whole time. Also, there are mountains in Utah. Shocker, right? And of course, the sun rose behind the mountains. I got a couple of stinkin’ awesome pictures of the pinks and oranges spilling from behind the mountains, but I don’t think there’s anything like seeing a complete, unhindered, obstacle-free sunrise. Especially when you’re travelling to states you’ve never seen before and have to wake up at ungodly hours anyway.

Although, I have to admit; I love waking up early. No, that’s not entirely true. I love being awake early. I don’t like the whole ‘waking up’ and ‘getting up’ parts. Those I could really live without. I love sleeping in, but hate it, too. I feel so comfy and relaxed…but then I get out of bed and panic and think, ‘where did my day go??’ and then I rush around for a few hours and then bam! It’s bedtime again. This is especially unhelpful on Saturdays at school, when I should be doing something productive, like writing a paper, polishing my resume—which, coincidentally, doesn’t exist yet—or, better yet, running a marathon. Now that is what I call productive. And awesome.

So I know you guys are probably either super confused by my travelling or you know my itinerary better than I do, but guess what? We got to stop in Las Vegas after all! It was a few hours in to our almost-12-hour-trip today. We went to the Belagio, which is where they filmed Oceans 11, and we saw the most awesome water show thing ever. I don’t really know if I can explain it any better than that; water show thing. I’m a great writer, huh?

We also went to New York New York and walked through the Cosmopolitan or something like that. Those things are nice, man. Seriously, some of the nicest places I’ve seen. The strip is pretty awesome. Of course, we went in the middle of the day. And by that I mean that by Oklahoma time it was 12. There, though, it was actually only 10. Time changes really mess with things, including my head. So Las Vegas at 10a.m. is not very impressive. Well, it is, but there aren’t a whole ton of people out. Mostly, it’s just people walking into their hotels to check in [they must be loaded, but they looked…not]. I was really bummed we didn’t see any of the Oceans crew. I kinda wanted to shake George Clooney’s hand. Just once, you know, for luck or whatever.

Here’s a picture of the Bellagio right before the water show thing:

Pretty, huh?

It was hot, too. Las Vegas at 10a.m. was about 98 degrees, and it’s a dry heat, which isn’t as bad as a humid heat, but it’s still really hot and I was sweating quite a bit when we left. We also drove through the Mojave Desert, which is really…barren and boring. And dry. And big. And so on. There, or driving through there, it was 111 degrees. I found it hilarious that my hometown was only a single degree cooler that day. I’m glad I’m going to be missing the ‘dog days’ of summer there. Instead, we get perfect 70’s weather here in San Diego, and even better weather [or so I’m told] in Oregon. Colorado, of course, is pretty much always great in the summer. And then Kansas and Missourri…yeah, that might be a bit toasty…we’ll survive.

Know what the weirdest thing was, though? Even when we were in the Mojave Desert I could see snow-capped mountains. That kind of blew my mind a little bit. Brain implosion and what-not.

Ooh! I bought a birthday present for my mom. Her birthday was June 30th. She’s old. Teehee. [not really, and don’t tell her I said that…]

Tomorrow [and the day after that] we’re going to the beach to celebrate with Molly and Lynn Hopkins and a couple of their friends. Happy 4th, everyone!

As an added bonus, here’s us in front of a couple of state signs. We missed Cali’s–my fault…

This one was long overdue.

Wyoming was beautiful.

Utah! Obviously.


Bahaha. Skyler wasn't happy with us for tearing him away from his book. Bet you couldn't notice.

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One response to “South Dakota To California And Pictures To Match.

  1. suchmeagerinsight

    July 4, 2011 at 6:09 pm

    Molly, I think you will have to get a little more specific on “The Most Awesome Water Show Thing Ever.” I’ve seen some pretty awesome water show things myself this summer. They have consisted primarily of full water bottles, buckets of ice, people’s heads, and even a couple of Sno-Kones. Like I said, they were AUGH-some.

    Have fun in California!!


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