Jellyfish and Boogie Boarding.

09 Jul

For Elizabeth; South Dakota first. Yes, it seems like 70’s was pretty warm weather. It did, however, get to about 101, but people were complaining and making a big stink. The day it was that hot, however, I wasn’t in the town where it was so hot; I was hiking, and the place we hiked was only about 85, which is almost too hot for hiking, but otherwise beautiful.

Right now, we’re in Sacramento, California. Here, it’s about 80’s, I’d say. Maybe a little cooler, I’m not sure. We drove from San Diego [goodbye, wonderful place! goodbye, beaches! goodbye, Lynn and Molly! 😦 ] all the way here yesterday. It was all together about a nine hour drive. We stopped a couple of times for eating, but not long. We’re staying with a pastor of the church we’ll be speaking at tomorrow…I’m not sure what the church is. Sad…sorry.

The day before yesterday, we went to the beach again–myself, Kelly, Molly, and Skyler. We went to La Jolla [pronounced La Hoy-a], where they have a cove for snorkeling. I tried it, but I kind of freaked out and couldn’t breathe easily–plus my cold was still bugging me a little bit. So what ended up happening was Skyler snorkeled for over an hour while Molly, Kelly, and I explored a little rock with some interesting little creatures. We got tired of that after the waves started crashing on our little paradise, so we swam back to shore and went above the cove, where there’s a little grassy area. We sat, talked, and bought tie-dye t-shirts. Then Skyler came back up, and he was shaking uncontrollably. His lips were turning blue, and he couldn’t get warm. We figured out later that he had a minor case of hypothermia–the water was too cold and he was in it too long.

Kelly took Molly and I to Imperial Beach and then took Skyler back to our host’s home, where he was diagnosed and told to sleep it off. Molly and I hit the beach and the waves as soon as Kelly dropped us off. We had boogie boards, and we learned how to use them through some pretty hilarious trial and error.

At one point, before Kelly got back from taking Skyler ‘home’, Molly and I looked up and realized that we were almost at the opposite end of the beach than where we had started. We tried paddling the other way, but the current–which we just realized was even there–was really strong. We swam and swam, but we couldn’t touch the bottom so neither of us were moving very fast. We looked up again and there were life guards swimming out to us; they towed us back to shore and told us to be more careful. Talk about embarrassing and hilarious! From then on we always checked where we were and then moved so that we didn’t get too close to the rocks on the other side of the beach…and so we didn’t get stuck in a black hole of water.

After another few minutes of boogie boarding, Molly and I both got stung by something. We think it was a jellyfish, but we didn’t see anything, just felt it. We had red welts and little white sting-marks. We got out and tried to figure out what to do…but we couldn’t, so we just jumped up and got back in the water. That was about when the day started picking up; we figured out just how to use the boogie boards to catch the waves all the way to shore. Both of caught a wave all the way up to the sand. Our boards scraped against the sand and caused us to stop, even though the wave might have taken us a little further. It was great! Molly was pretty excited, because she’ll have a lot more opportunities to perfect that art.

We told Lynn all this and he just didn’t seem as excited as we were. Haha.

I’m going to miss San Diego; great weather, great friends, a very receptive church group, and, of course, the beach. But…I’m getting one step closer to home, so I think I’ll be alright with it.

We leave for Oregon tomorrow after church, and then from there we only have four stops till we’re done, and none of them are quite as long as the stop in Oregon will be. We’ll be in Oregon for a few days, then Colorado for a couple, then Kansas [two different places, each for only a couple days], and then Missouri. Missouri is our last stop before home. Just saying that gets me excited. I can’t wait to get some Jude’s chai and show off pictures!

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One response to “Jellyfish and Boogie Boarding.

  1. suchmeagerinsight

    July 9, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    Oooh! Hiking AND lifeguards! Teehee. Seriously, though, I am so glad you are having such a great time. And, shoot! Jellyfish stings! I thought it was bad being haunted by wasps and sweat bees. By the way: Missouri! I love that place. Kansas, too. 😀


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