Books. Books. Oregon. Books.

11 Jul


That’s right, we’re in the great state. It’s really beautiful here, and strangely not warm at all. The highs for the week are all below 80 degrees. Most of them are mid 70’s, actually. Walking outside isn’t painful like it is in Oklahoma; it’s pleasant. It might actually be hotter in the house than it is outside. This blows my mind a little bit, since it’s been in the 100’s in my town the past couple of weeks.

We went to a huge bookstore in Portland, or ‘the hippie city’. It’s called Powell’s, and it’s pretty much better even than Half Price Books, which was legit. We spent about two hours in the store, and I had to be dragged out of there. Practically. I could easily have spent another few hours in there…and another couple hundred dollars. I spent most of my time looking over the young adult section…and the Dickens section. What else? I ended up buying two Dickens, an Austen, and a couple YA books by authors I know and love.

Kelly was almost steaming, she was so angry at the size of the Twilight section. Seriously, it took up almost an entire shelf by itself. She stormed off to look for the Harry Potter section, and told Skyler and I that it had better be bigger than the Twilight section. We agreed…and she didn’t find the HP section. It was strange, but we assumed that it must have been with the fiction instead of the young adult, since the last books were more for adults than teenagers.

Let me explain how Powell’s is; it’s a warehouse. Maybe two together. Then there’s how it looks inside. Each little ‘section’ has its own category and name. For example, religious, self-help, and the like are all together in the ‘red room.’ The children’s and young adult and less…serious books are in the ‘rose room.’ The fiction is by itself since there’s so much of it; it’s in the ‘blue room.’ To get to each room, you have to walk through a doorway or down/up stairs or something like that. There were about ten rooms, I’d say. I managed to go to three of them, and I was only in the third room for long enough to know that they didn’t have any Charles Martin books. Which made me a little bit sad.

Anyway. Enough about the books.

We’re spending the week with Kelly’s family. Tomorrow, we’re going hiking all day. I’m not kidding; we’re leaving at 8:30 and I don’t think we’re planning on coming back until dinnertime or later…possibly. Wednesday should be the conference, but I don’t think it starts until that evening, so we may not have a lot to do that day.  Thursday [all day, I believe] is the rest of the conference. Friday we have another free day…possibly…and then I’m pretty sure we’re taking off for Colorado. This coming weekend and everything past it is going to be really fast-paced and it’s still a little bit shaky schedule-wise, but once we get going, we’re nearly done. We should be back in the ville on the 23rd, to the best of my knowledge. One of the saddest parts of that is that once we’re back, we’re back in the heat…and we’ll be so close to done.

When we finish for the summer, I’m going to be so sad. I’m going to miss these crazy people I’m travelling with.

They act like an old married couple. Did I mention that?

They admit it, too, which is hilarious.

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One response to “Books. Books. Oregon. Books.

  1. suchmeagerinsight

    July 12, 2011 at 7:47 pm

    Molly. I think you have just stumbled upon the final destination for our future road trip. This really must become a reality. HAVE FUN!!!


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