Yeah, Yeah. Don’t Get Used To It.

12 Jul

That’s right. Another picture post!

It’s only because Oregon is so completely gorgeous. Alright? Alright.

Also…be grateful for these pictures, because I would have had more if my camera hadn’t decided to poop out and run out of memory.

First, on-the-road-pictures.

Looking out when we first got to Oregon, right after California.

I found me a hill. I’m going to buy it. It said ‘for sale’ and everything.

And then we got further in:

Breathtaking views...

 These are some of our ‘hike’ pictures:

The mountains were breathtaking, wrapped in clouds…which I didn’t get pictures of yet, since my camera pooped out on me and ran out of memory…But here are some more pictures anyway.

Well, not really from the hike, but still.

We went to a hatchery, where the salmon run and they count fish. These nasty things were stuck to the windowL Pacific Lampreys. Eww.

Toward the end of our trip, since my camera's card was full.

 Haha! You thought I would end it with that nastiness?

No. I will end it with the last picture I took in California: sunset over the beach, with Molly and Kelly playing frisbee [and getting really good] right out of view of my camera.

Ahh. A great ending to a great day.

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