Goodbye, New York…

18 Jul

So we’re in Colorado now. Denver. More specifically, Greenwood Village. We’re staying with Kelly’s sister, Kim, who works with a local human trafficking organization here in the Denver area.

Kim has DVR. And her favorite TV show? So You Think You Can Dance.

I’m addicted. It’s true. There’s no denying it now.

There are some amazing dancers on that show. I love watching them and thinking, If I start now, I could be that good in…fifteen years.

I wish I could dance.

You probably know that, though, if you know me; I’m a huge fan of the Step Up movies–I own all three and watch them every chance I get! There’s just something about dance that absolutely thrills me every time I watch someone who knows what they’re doing. If you want to see my favorite dance from what I’ve seen of So You Think You Can Dance, then check out this video. That is only made better by the fact that those two dancing are quickly becoming my favorites on the season. This is the first season I’ve seen, and I think I might have to go back and watch some old seasons; they keep saying those two are the ‘power couple’ and then telling them they’re like someone else from an older season. I want to see whoever that is!

Besides watching SYTYCD, though, let me tell you what we’ve been doing.

Saturday night, we got to town around seven or eight. We did a little shopping, then came to the apartment where Kelly’s brother, Tim, made hamburgers and corn for us [delicious]. We talked and messed around until bed, and then I discovered that the cat in the apartment messes with me; I am more allergic to cats than I thought I was! I ended up sleeping in the garage/basement, which has been turned into the ‘man cave;’ it has a projector, computers, and a couch. I stayed on the couch to get away from the cat.

Yesterday, we went to Kim’s church, where we spoke for a little bit, answered some questions, and then talked to anyone who wanted to know more. After church, I got to see my grandparents, who treated me to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. We talked and talked; I told them about my summer, and they asked a million questions. They also bought each of my friends [Skyler, Kelly, and Kim] a piece of cheesecake…which reminds me, I have leftovers in the fridge! I should eat that. Hmm.

When we got back to the apartment that afternoon, I wasn’t feeling too great, so I just sat around while they all went to the apartment’s pool–which is, ironically, also what I’m doing right now. They came back, we got ready, and we all went to another church–which was definitely the best church we’ve been to so far, in my opinion. It’s called Park Church and it’s in Centennial, for any in the Denver area looking for a church. The worship was great, and the sermon was just as good. I, however, almost passed out–not sure why–a couple times. Elevation, maybe? It was really hot, too. No air conditioning of note in that building. Which was an awesome building, very old. Looked like a castle.

After that, we went to this ice cream place called Little Man’s, where I got this delicious orange chocolate chip gelato, which tasted a lot better than it sounds, but definitely didn’t sit well with me. I don’t know what the deal was, but when we got back to the apartment that night, I felt sick to my stomach. I didn’t do a lot last night.

And then I tried to pull some pictures off my camera’s memory card…only to discover that they’re all gone. Completely. Deleted, wiped, gone. This wouldn’t be such a tragedy if I had them on my computer…but I don’t. None of them. The memory card had about 824 photos on it…and they’re all gone. The pictures were from New York, the trip, and even a few from Washington, D.C. I was devastated and still can’t believe that I lost all of those pictures. I’m trying to remember all of them, and it’s not working. I’m just hoping that my facebook page will still have some of the New York pictures when I reactivate it in a few weeks…if it doesn’t, I’m going to cry.

Today has been better. No sickness, no camera problems; only sleeping in and eating great leftovers. And a great shower; that always helps. I’m hoping that this afternoon will be great, too; we’re going to a Rockies game, apparently, even though I don’t like baseball. I’m thinking I’ll probably have to bring a book. 😉


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2 responses to “Goodbye, New York…

  1. suchmeagerinsight

    July 19, 2011 at 9:29 pm

    Ooh! So You Think You Can Dance! I don’t watch that show very often, but I do like it. Mostly, I don’t like how much hip hop and contemporary is on that show. I prefer tap, jazz, and ballet, of course. 😀 I’m sorry about your pictures. I’ve had that happen on a couple of my favorite trips. Now, I hope that you aren’t feeling sick today, either! Because the being sick bit needs to stop! What book are you reading? I am currently reading Scarlett Fever by Maureen Johnson, sequel to Suite Scarlett. It is fabulous, of course, like all of Johnson’s books. Have a great week!

    • waitingondarcy

      July 21, 2011 at 5:38 pm

      Well, I *was* reading The Key to the Golden Firebird, but I finished it, so now I’m in ‘book limbo.’ This happens a lot. I want to read Scarlette Fever, but I haven’t gotten around to getting it yet. I now own all but two of Maureen Johnson’s books. hehe I’m feeling a ton better, though, thanks! I just needed some down time, I guess. Did you watch the video link I put up there? That’s definitely my favorite of them. I even bought the song that goes with the dance. 🙂 I love hip hop!


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