Teeny Tiny Towns.

21 Jul

So Kansas, right?

I talked about this already. Flat, yes. Windy, yes. Pretty, sometimes. Dairy Queen, absolutely. Great people, beyond a doubt.

We stayed with Skyler’s parents once again, and they are some of the neatest people ever. Even when Skyler left us at his house to visit a friend, they talked to us about anything and everything. Talk about ‘second parents,’ these people are pretty close to it. So nice, friendly, warm, and welcoming!

People in Kansas do seem to be nicer in general [don’t tell Skyler I said that…]. The people we talked to at Skyler’s church were so thankful for us being there [a sentiment we returned wholeheartedly] and they had lots of great questions and input. All of them were open to what we were saying, which was really a blessing. I had a great time there.

And Skyler also decided he’s slightly schizofrenic. To prove it to us, he talked in about three different voices within a half hour. Kelly and I were laughing so hard while eating lunch, we almost choked. Or at least I almost did. There were people watching us, and I could just tell they were thinking, ‘What on earth??’ but we were having too good a time to care about those silly people.

We showed up at the conference pretty early here in McPherson–about one–and found out we really had nothing to do until the next day. So, we colored [they had crayons. We couldn’t say no] and read and just generally goofed off in the back of the room until the afternoon session was over, then we headed to the hotel. Our hotel is a little bit on the small side–not the room, but the building itself. It’s two stories, little short guy, with no elevator. Reeealllllly good air conditioner, though. Kelly and I were freezing before we had the sense to turn it down a couple few notches. But then, it was in the 100’s outside, so it felt good for a few minutes…before it got too extreme. I feel like if we had kept it on much longer, it would have started spitting out ice chips or something.

So tomorrow we’re heading to the conference at 7:45 to set up our stuff. This isn’t too bad considering that it will take us literally five minutes to get down there…yeah, it’s another small town. Bigger than Quinter, but that’s not really saying a whole lot. At all.

After the conference tomorrow [we’re staying for the whole thing], we’re carpooling with Jo Ann Lyon, the general superintendent of the Wesleyan denomination, to the Missouri conference, where we’ll be staying for a couple nights before packing it up for the last time and heading home. Ah, how sweet that sounds. Home.

There, we’ll have three weeks before school starts–one week till the RA’s and Student Mentors come back. Then it’ll be major party time and before you know it, it’ll be class time. I honestly can’t wait. I’m going to see if I can add a couple more classes [journalism and maybe volleyball again].

One of the things that I’m most excited to do when I get back–besides opening my brand-new laptop that I ordered a while ago–is go to Jude’s with my mom and have a nice chai or something…and talk to her. Just talk talk talk until my lips are numb and I can’t even stutter anymore. How wonderful does that sound to me right now?

Amazingly wonderful, that’s how.

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