Home, Home in the Ville.

25 Jul

First off, what on earth is an APS status indicator, and why is the light for it flashing on my computer? Google is failing me, and I can’t for the life of my figure out what the darn thing is and how to get it to stop flashing red at me. I know; red = bad. But how do I get it to not be red??

If anyone can answer that, I would appreciate it.

A lot.

Second; PlayStation 2. What’s the deal? I played it. I don’t care about it. Maybe it’s the very not-gamer in me, but I just would rather do almost anything else. It’s frustrating and slow-moving and pointless. Be productive, people.

Third; SYTYCD [the last episode] was just watched on my new computer. I’m happy to say that all of my favorites are still on the show! Exciting, no?

Fourth; I think I’ve been spelling ‘fourth’ wrong for a long, long time. This does not make me very happy.

Fifth; [at least I’m spelling that one right[ it’s come to my attention lately that I have not been writing very much. Or, should I say, hardly at all aside from my blog. I’ve written all of two kind of short poems, and I haven’t even worked on my fiction. This is bad news considering I’m going to be taking creative writing: fiction in the fall…which is in only three weeks! I’m also going to be doing a lot more writing for papers and things, since I have three English classes and only two non-major classes. I’m pretty happy about that, though, not gonna lie. I’m looking forward to be busy writing papers and such. It’s a pleasant idea for an English major to be busy writing anything, really.

I’m still looking for a place in town that will offer some kind of dance that isn’t ballet or tap. Much as I like those two, they’re just not my thing. Sorry, Elizabeth. I love watching tap more than ballet, but hip hop is where I’d like to be. Even the contemporary stuff, weird as it is sometimes, is more appealing than those other two. Really, though, I’d just love to do some kind of dance that will get me moving and give me something to do at dances besides stand there and look slightly awkward. Which is what normally happens. So yeah. No more awkwardness for me, thanks…

Today, to celebrate my first day back, I went to all my old haunts. Well, most of them. I didn’t actually go in Cherry Berry, but I went past and looked for Laura’s car. She wasn’t there, so I didn’t stop. But I went to Jude’s, not with my mom but still, and met with Ali for a bit [we got icee things from QT] and then talked with her and Caleb for a while. Went to the bookstore in the mall, which will be completely gone in about two months, and then drove around for a bit. Went to the library. Didn’t stay in any one place long; home is kind of a good place to just hang out. Especially since we have wi-fi now…so I can watch tv shows and movies that I otherwise wouldn’t see [for example, catching up on SYTYCD].

This morning, I had a meeting with my boss and the other two OM people at ten. I woke up at seven thirty, slightly panicked, thinking I had slept in and was going to be late. It was, of course, earlier than I really needed to get up–not many people were awake besides those who had already left for work. I went back to bed and my mom woke me up [slightly after my alarm did] saying she was sorry for letting me sleep in [I’d asked her to wake me at nine; she woke me at nine thirty]. It ended up being fine, though; the meeting was postponed until eleven.

Man, I want to go swimming. Random, I know, but true. I was going to go that last night in Missouri, but then we went to dinner and mini-golfing, and the pool was closed when we got back to the hotel. Sad day, huh?

My little sister made chocolates. Some are dark, some milk. Some are filled with peanut butter and taste almost exactly like a Reese’s. Some of them are swirled with mint something-or-other. Those are easily my favorites; I’m kind of a sucker for mint. What can I say.

Tomorrow is going to be a relaxing day, in my opinion. We’re not doing a whole lot. It’s going to be hot outside, though. I may go to Cherry Berry tomorrow and see if I can get some awesome free frozen yogurt. Free because I have a gift card.

Don’t worry, I’m saving some of the card for the school year so that we can still do our once-a-week run…and it will be cheaper for me… 😀

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  1. suchmeagerinsight

    July 25, 2011 at 10:00 pm

    Eh, I suppose if I want the whole word to view dance the way I do I have to invent some sort of mind control machine. And I simply do not have the time for that. But I do have time for Cherry Berry!


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