Movies Galore?

26 Jul

Did you know there’s a Cinderella 3? Yeah, weird. I thought the first one was good enough…but there are two more movies. Don’t worry, you’re not missing a lot; they get worse as they go on. I’ve seen them because I have little sisters that like that kind of thing. I was bored. They were watching a movie. I gave in and watched, too.

Yeah, yeah. Be quiet.

My mom has been telling me over and over for the past few weeks about movies that she’s seen that are really good. If my mom likes a movie, it’s typically a good sign that it has one or more of the following attributes [and is therefore probably worth watching]: 1) It has a good story line. 2) It has a good message. 3) It’s clean–no language [or little] and fewer dirty jokes than some movies. 4) The characters are either hilarious or endearing. Sometimes both. 5) It was entertaining; no time during the movie would have been a good time to go to the bathroom.

If the movie isn’t any or all of those things, my mom usually says it’s an ‘okay’ movie, or maybe that ‘you might like it, but I didn’t’ [usually if she says that second one, I go see the movie. If she doesn’t like it and my dad does or something like that, I’ll still watch it…I watch a lot more movies than her, though]. Of course, as I alluded to there, there are times when I will go see the movie no matter what. Typically, action movies; I love fight scenes and car chases and in general James Bond-y movies; my mom is not a big fan of them. Also, I hate scary movies; I’ve seen roughly three in my life [that I remember] and I consider that good enough.

And then, there’s the wonderful category of cartoons. I don’t mean TV shows. I mean Disney and Pixar movies. Who doesn’t love a good tongue-in-cheek kid’s movie? I mean, really. They’re so funny sometimes; dumb humor, dumb characters, funny story line. For example, Cars. Kids laugh at Mater because he’s funny and dumb and just a little bit over-the-top. But adults laugh for an entirely different reason. Yes, he’s funny anyway, but after he says, “He did what in his cup?” [when the characters are talking about the Piston Cup], the older audience is completely sold. He’s just too funny!

I’m a little bit weird because, even though I do love action, some of my favorite movies are ones that make me cry. I’m a softy; I admit. I like it when a movie has such a strong emotional pull on me that it brings tears to my eyes. One of my favorite sad movies is Return To Me…so sad, but ends so well! And then there’s Bridge To Terabithia. That movie made me cry the first time I saw it. I read the book shortly after I saw the movie, and that made me cry, too. [That’s another thing; I love love love books that make me cry.]

Well, there you have it; movies, movies, and more movies. Well, at least movie…stuff. I actually didn’t mention that many movies…did I?

[I still haven’t seen Forrest Gump. Anyone have it that I can borrow it from?]


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2 responses to “Movies Galore?

  1. suchmeagerinsight

    July 26, 2011 at 8:48 pm

    You know what, I totally did not understand the full extent of Mater’s cup joke until just now. I am so much better at reading puns than hearing them. Haha! Also, Forrest Gump is NOT one that will go onto our movie list. I refuse to watch that movie ever again. I do not like movies that make me cry…except The Little Princess…and Ramona and Beezus…and Fireproof…those ones give me happy tears.

  2. Geek Squirrel

    July 28, 2011 at 9:23 pm

    Wall-E is still my favorite though, although I enjoyed “Up” because the dog looks pretty much like mine.


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