From Jerry To…This Guy…

28 Jul

If I had to pick one thing about new computers that frustrated me beyond anything else…it would be transferring music. I’ve been trying for two days now to get all my music transferred over from Jeremiah–my old computer–to my new computer [who is as yet unnamed]. It’s more frustrating than I thought it would be by far.

What happens is, I take all my music from Jerry and load it onto my portable hard drive, which I just bought a couple days ago. Then I plug the hard drive into my new computer, open iTunes, and try to ‘drag and drop’ all the songs and everything into the file. Yesterday, that seemed to work. I even unplugged my hard drive, and the songs still played and the files were still ‘found.’ But the problem was not that; it was that there were two copies of almost every single song. I tried to delete a couple of the songs, but when I tried to play the single copy that remained, the file could not be found and it wouldn’t play. Stupid thing. The same thing happened with songs that didn’t have a copy. I’m so frustrated with it, I think I might just go buy a hundred CD’s and make data disks of my entire library on my old computer, then rip those to my new computer. Tedious, yes. Annoying, yes. Time consuming and probably overkill, yes. But! I will do it if I have to…and it’s looking like I have to.

I still haven’t figured everything out about my new computer. Not even close. I don’t have Word on here, either, so all the files I have saved on my hard drive, I can’t edit. Or, I can, but I have to use WordPad, and that program really stinks. I don’t like it at all.

I love this computer, but I really wish it worked like my old guy. He understood me…and he was easier to use. Plus, I had Word and all my internet sites and all my bookmarks and lists and a bunch of pictures and random files that I didn’t really use…so yeah. It’s a sad day at the Molly S. Ranch. My mom has my old computer [she practically begged me for it. I’m thinking about charging her for it], but she already went through and deleted all my documents…which was a tragedy, even though I had them all saved to my portable drive…Still. All I could think when she deleted them was, what if I missed a couple files? What if she’s deleting all the work I have done on my book? What if my hard drive poops out on me before I figure out how to transfer all the files? What if…AHHHH just thinking about it [even now] makes me a little insane.

Anyone know how to make 100% sure that your hard drive and your laptop have the same files? Or rather, how to transfer files from the hard drive to the computer without deleting them off of the hard drive?…

I’m getting nervous now. That’s like my life’s work…

Let’s change the subject…to…

I still have no idea what the flashing red light that says “APS” is. It’s starting to really bug me.

I think I need my own personal tech assistant. Now, before I lose my mind [and consequently my writings].

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