On Jobs, Unprofessionals, and Books.

29 Jul

That’s right. Unprofessionals. That’s my name for them. Them being, naturally, people who act unprofessionally. You know the type; managers at businesses who do something they shouldn’t because it’s easier than going the long way around.

Yesterday I went in for an interview at a certain place in town [it would be an insult to name the place]. I went in for the interview at about two thirty-ish. I walked in the door and the lady said, ‘Oh, sorry, did [a friend of mine who works there] not call you? She was supposed to call you after she got off work and tell you not to come in till four!’

Well, geez, thanks, lady. Good to know. A little late.

‘Would you mind to come back at four thirty?’ Well, kind of, but I need a job, so sure, ‘I’ll come back then.’

I walked out, slightly mad at my friend. Then I sat and thought about it for a minute. Wait a sec…they have my phone number on the application I turned in yesterday. They can reach me probably faster then my friend can…And it’s their job.

Needless to say, that realization kind of turned me off to working there.

So when I went in for the interview two hours later, and the manager only asked me three questions [who referred you, what’s your waitress experience like, what’s your school schedule going to look like], and asked me to come back with a school schedule before he hired me or not, I decided something; I’m going to wait a little while before I take that in. See what other jobs I can get.

Of course, it would be ideal to work at Waldenbooks in the mall…but that store is closing. [I’m going to cry when it closes.] Earlier on the day I had applied at that restaurant, I had also turned in an application at CherryBerry. I love that place, let me tell you what. Since my roommate and long-time friend Laura works there, I have someone on the inside who can put in a good word for me. I’m hoping and praying they call me either today or tomorrow…or sometime really soon. If they offer me a job or even just call me in for an interview, I will be overjoyed. It would be a great place to work [free ice cream]. Plus, Laura would work with me, and she says she loves her bosses [which is always, always a good sign].

Here’s hoping.

Aside from worrying about jobs, though, I’ve started to look for some school books. I went through the literature sections in Waldens yesterday and found only one book I need–Moby Dick. Yikes. Talk about an intimidating book! That thing is not only massive, it also has a bit of a bad reputation…for being boring and long and way too descriptive.

But I’m reading it. Wish me luck?

I ordered a couple other books for classes, but so far I’m biding my time on the other couple until I can get either more money, a job, or a better offer for prices. Or, you know, all three. That would be nice.

So, thanks to this guy, I’ve been inspired to do a little blogging about books. I think that when the semester starts and I start reading constantly, I will start writing a couple posts every week about what I’m reading, themes, etc. I’ll try to keep it interesting and, to the best of my ability, insightful. Maybe I’ll even sum some stuff up, so that if you’re reading the same thing, you’ll have your own little version of SparkNotes [call me SparksNotes, haha. Get it?]. We’ll see how it goes. I might even do a couple before school starts, since it’s my goal to re-read the Eragon series and the Harry Potter series before the next Eragon book comes out.

I’m going to be reading a ton this year…and I could not possibly be happier about it!!

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One response to “On Jobs, Unprofessionals, and Books.

  1. Geek Squirrel

    July 29, 2011 at 10:41 pm

    Well this guy is looking forward to your posts about Moby Dick and I might even read along with you just so I can speak intelligently about the subject.


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