Potter Project Part 1: A Handful of Harry.

31 Jul

As I mentioned in a couple of previous posts, my project is to read both the Harry Potter series and the Eragon series before the next Eragon book comes out sometime around November. This seems like a pretty big task; after all, both series have some pretty heavy books. But what’s a few hundred pages a day to an English major, right?


But maybe not so wrong as some might think…

See, I was going through my bookshelves yesterday, and I realized I didn’t have Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. That’s kind of a problem for me; if I don’t read books in order, I get super confused, so reading the second and then coming back to the first after I get around to buying a copy…not such a great idea to me. So I sat for a minute, thinking about this dilemma. I came to a conclusion which is a little bit sad, but will have to do; I skipped to a book I haven’t read in a long time and that I can’t remember very well. I’ve only read the last three books in the series one or two times apiece [which is weird for me], and since I can remember almost every little thing that happens in the first four books, I jumped right in with the fifth book.

This is sad to me because, in each of the previous books, there are things–little happenings or characters–which I love reading about. I may even stop reading number five for a bit so that I can reread the fourth book. I really like the Krum-Ron-Hermione triangle. I think it’s hilarious. [“Oh, well spotted, Ron!”]

But the fifth book is, for the most part, the one I know the least about. I didn’t read it very closely. It was my least favorite for a while. I’m going to see if that’s changed. Most of all, though, I’m looking forward to seeing the DA again. The movies kind of let those guys go, which was sad. I guess the DA doesn’t really get off the ground until the sixth one…right? I can’t remember. But then, that’s why I’m doing this.

I’m on chapter four, where they find Grimmauld Place, but the question that is, for the most part, the most troubling for me, is this; What did Dudley have to hear when the dementors attacked them? Did he, as a lot of people joke, hear Harry’s voice in his head, his mom saying ‘We have to keep him,’ or something to that affect? Has anything that completely terrible actually happened to mean old Diddykins? That kind of blows my mind; Dudley is such a bully all the time.

But, you know what they say. No one is a bully who wasn’t bullied by someone else before.

So what did Dudley hear? Any thoughts?

Also, I am positive that if Dudley went to Hogwarts, he would be Malfoy’s best friend and right-hand man. He’s dumb [but, as Harry points out, not as dumb as he looks], he’s tough [except around magic], and he likes to both follow and be followed. I think he would have given Crabbe and Goyle a run for their money as best henchmen. Harry’s jokes about Dudley crack me up; I found myself laughing out loud at this line:

“Not as stupid as you look, are you, Dud? But I s’pose if you were, you wouldn’t be able to walk and talk at the same time…”

…”You haven’t got the guts to take me on without that thing, have you?” Dudley snarled.

“Whereas you just need four mates behind you before you can beat up a ten-year old. You know that boxing title you keep banging on about? How old was your opponent? Seven? Eight?”

Harry can banter with the best of them…until he gets around his friends. Or his aunt and uncle. Then he just gets all quiet and angry at everything and nothing.

Maybe that’s why this book was in the bottom two last time I read through the series; Harry is so mad all the time about pointless stuff. I mean, the book [when I read it last] seemed to be half anger and yelling, and half Snape’s memories, and then maybe a smattering of house elves [it’s a long book. It’s allowed to have over 100%].

Oh, and there’s the Order, of course, but I haven’t quite gotten to that part, so I won’t talk about it yet.

No, so far it’s just Dudders and Hermione’s bushy hair in Harry’s nose and eyes.

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  1. Aunt Karen

    August 1, 2011 at 1:57 pm

    Hey, if you need books that you can’t find anywhere else – remember your auntie has 1000s & 1000s, and I might just have what you need…glad your trip went well – come see me and tell me all about it-I’m free until about Thanksgiving.


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