Potter Project Part 2: A Smattering of Subterfuge.

01 Aug

Ladies and gentlemen, 12 Grimmauld Place.

The meeting has started. You’re late.

I’ll have Ginny hex you later.

So, I’m continuing in my reading of the fifth Harry Potter, and so far, I’ve discovered a bit of what the Order is doing. Of course, thanks to Mrs. Weasley, none of the kids really have any idea what’s going on. They’re all slightly clueless. Harry gets his questions answered [or most of them], but Molly [love her name!] interrupts before some of the more important questions can be answered, such as, What kind of weapon is Voldy looking for? and Why can’t I join the Order?

Of course, those of us who are loyal fans and have either seen the slightly inadequate movies or read the amazing books know the answer to those questions; horcuxes, and because Dumbledore was trying to protect Harry so he didn’t get killed before ‘the time was right.’ Or, you know, something to that general effect.

Anyway. So Harry sits in on the meeting, right? And, to add to his general not-good-mood, everyone around him is all tense and built-up and strung out and just generally not very happy. Even Sirius, his godfather, doesn’t really seem all that happy to see Harry. What’s up with that? He smiles once through that whole chapter.

“Had a good summer so far?”

“No, it’s been lousy,” said Harry.

For the first time, something like a grin flitted across Sirius’s face.

“Don’t know what you’re complaining about, myself.”

The whole time Sirius and Harry discuss the horrible summer, it seems like all they’re doing is having a ‘my-horse-is-bigger-than-your-horse’ talk. It’s really pretty frustrating to read; Harry complains, Sirius makes a joke about how awesome Harry’s summer has been, Harry gets all mad [again], Sirius tells him how terrible his summer has been…it’s like a boring, show-off-y battle of…lack of wits, or something.


But then it kind of turns around. I have to say, even with Mrs. Weasley being overly motherly and protective and just a little bit loony, she is still amazing. She really is one of the strongest characters, I think. Out of all the people in the Order, she has the strongest opinions about Ron, Harry, and Hermione being in the meetings or even just hearing about what’s going on. Even when she reluctantly lets Sirius and Lupin give some answers to Harry’s [numerous] questions, she remains white, terse, and not happy about the whole situation. I feel like she whole-heartedly sided with Dumbledore; Harry should not be told what’s going on…under any circumstances.

There’s a small part of me that thinks Mrs. Weasley might have been happier about the whole situation if Harry had stayed at the Dursley’s. She probably would have been overjoyed if Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and the twins could have joined him on Privet Drive and been totally and completely clueless. Actually, come to think of it…that’s probably what J.K. Rowling wanted everyone to think. Seriously, it would have been easier on Molly, at least, and probably Arthur [Weasley] and Dumbledore, too. I bet Snape would have eaten that up, too.

There’s another thing. In this book, Snape really does start looking like the bad guy. Yes, we know Dumbledore absolutely and completely trusts him, we know that he’s part of the Order, etc, etc. But he only comes and goes; the trio hasn’t even seen his long, hideous nose yet, and I’m nearly a hundred pages in. He’s acting shifty, and of course the three take that as they’ve taken everything else Snape has pretty much ever done; badly. They think the worst, and really, who can blame them? I was completely convinced that Snape was evil and malicious until the very last…and even then, I think he might have sided with Moldy Voldy if it hadn’t been for Dumbledore being on Harry’s side. Not to mention, of course, the fact that Lily and Snape had a ‘thing’ until James [that rapscallion!] ruined the whole thing.

Ah well. If you want to feel sorry for Snape, go right ahead. Part of me feels bad, but the other part of me thinks, ‘Oh well, he really had it coming…’

Anyway, back to the evil master plot that the Order is trying to undermine; Voldy’s ideas. They don’t work so well, do they? Of course, I guess they kind of do, but some of them seem to backfire in the last book.

“Well, firstly, he wants to build up his army again,” said Sirius. “In the old days he had huge numbers at his command; witches and wizards he’d bullied or bewitched into following him, his faithful Death Eaters, a great variety of Dark creatures. You heard him planning to recruit the giants; well, they’ll be just one group he’s after. He’s certainly not going to try ad take on the Ministry of Magic with only a dozen Death Eaters.”

“So you’re trying to stop him getting more followers?”

“We’re doing out best,” said Lupin.


“Well, the main thing is to try and convince as many people as possible that You-Know-Who really has returned, to put them on their guard,” said Bill. “It’s proving tricky, though.”

One last thought; I think it’s kind of funny how everyone calles Moldy Voldy ‘You-Know-Who’ except for Harry and Sirius. Everyone else shudders when they call him Voldemort. It’s kind of interesting to imagine what you would call him if you were in that position. Would I be too scared to call him by his name? Or would I be nonchalant about it, and use his name just like any other person’s name? I’d like to think I would be like Harry and just call him by his name, but there’s definitely a part of me that feels like I would be scared to death of bringing down his wrath.

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One response to “Potter Project Part 2: A Smattering of Subterfuge.

  1. mdrothfuss

    August 5, 2011 at 8:22 am

    I would just like to remind you that you are incorrect with the horcrux answer on this post. Those don’t come into play until the sixth one. This book my friend is all about the prophecy. That is the weapon Voldemort is trying to get throughout the whole book. Come on. If you are going to post about these books at least get it right.


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