Potter Project Part 3: More Meddling.

02 Aug

Here’s something that J.K. Rowling is brilliant at incorporating in all of her books; foreshadowing. I know that it’s hard to find sometimes [she likes to use pretty sneaky shadows, lemme tell ya] but when you do find that one phrase, it’s like finding a box of chocolates in a place you would never expect. Yesterday, I found a great one.

They found…a heavy locket that none of them could open…

That little nugget of gold is from page 116, when they’re digging through the desk in Sirius’s family home. They come across all of these old, cursed objects, and that’s one of them. They think it’s useless, throw it out…and lo and behold, here comes Kreacher, trying to sneak off with it hidden in his nasty little loincloth. I guess he managed to get away with snitching that; as readers now know, the locket was just a little bit important.

Do you think that’s the locket that the seventh book talks about? Or do you think it’s just some crusty old necklace that old Mrs. Black hung onto for ‘sentimental’ reasons [even though she is by no means a sentimental person]?

One of my personal favorite things about this book is, of course, the twins’ huge involvement in at least the first couple hundred pages, and then again when they show up later on to torment and delight. The first thing Harry sees of them is their Apparition skills; they’ve come of age, so everything they do is magical, whether it needs to be that way or not. They apparate every five steps instead of walking [a hilarious addition to the book which gives Mrs. Weasley even more reason to be on edge].

And there’s their brilliant idea to make the Skiving Snackboxes. How absolutely awesome would it be to be able to get your hands on one of those? I mean, I really don’t have any need for the nosebleed nougats, but a Puking Pastil might come in handy [it definitely would have gotten used in my intro to communications class last semester]. Of course, I don’t really have a Jane Umbridge as a teacher [did once, don’t anymore].

I think it’s hilarious that Rowling mentions Fred and George sneaking things into their already stuffed pockets; doxies, that weird snuffbox, all the cursed or contaminated or poisonous things they can find. They must have so much fun experimenting with all of those.

I think this book is where Rowling starts hinting at what’s going to happen to the twins in the last book. She seems to be showing George as more and more of a leader, and Fred kind of flies under the radar a bit. Yes, they still both talk, but in the past, Fred was always the fearless leader, aka the talkative one. Typical. I always did like George best…I’ll take him, even if he is short a minor body part. It’s ear-y how much I like him [see what I did there?]

Oh, the jokes abound when the Weasley twins are around!


Okay, so that’s enough about Harry and pals for today. If you want a little bit more, go watch this video.

I got new bookshelf yesterday. I was so excited! It was supposed to be kind of small–a couple feet wide and maybe three or four feet tall. Well, we pulled it out and put it all together today, and lo and behold it’s as tall as me. I might be half an inch taller than it [it’s 71 1/2 inches, I’m 72], but it’s huge! It’s a little less than three feet wide. I was going to put it on the same wall as my other two shelves, but…it doesn’t fit. So I moved by bureau over a bit and put the shelf on that wall. Which means that my posters are now a little pushed for wall space. This could be a problem…

I shall make it work. I shall!!






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  1. mdrothfuss

    August 5, 2011 at 8:26 am

    I found a recipe online for puking pastils…


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