03 Aug

In place of another Potter post, which you might be getting tired of, I decided to have a ‘regular’ post today. Which means, what you’ve probably already heard from me.

Such as, Beastly is a great movie. I just borrowed Mysti’s copy, and in the menu it has an alternate ending, which is about a hundred and five times better than the ending that’s in the movie…because the alternate ending is closer to what the books says happens. I’ve been telling people about the book, maybe watching the movie with them. I feel like I’m converting people to love Beastly. It’s interesting to see how many people want to read the book because the movie was good, or because I’ve told them about it, or because it sounds interesting. Then they read the book, and I get a message that says something like, ‘That book was SO good! I loved it!’

It’s like I’m developing my own personal fan club…for books that have been made into movies.

My next project is Ella Enchanted. Joke of a movie, but definitely one of my absolute favorite books. Definitely worth a read if you like retold fairy tales or love stories or anything like that. Villains. That sort of thing. Ooh, and there is, of course, The Princess Bride, which is a great book! The movie is surprisingly close, but the movie makes Buttercup look good. In the book, she’s kind of a wimp. The book also develops characters more fully, and there a lot more people in any given book than in a movie.

But then again, if screen writers used everything in books, the movies would be hours and hours long. Watching a movie based off of a classic novel might be a four-day project [I wouldn’t complain; I’d probably love it].

So people are starting to come back for school, which doesn’t start for another two weeks. I’ve seen more people from the school walk into Jude’s in an hour than I have all summer, and then some. All the RA’s and Student Mentors are back for training–two weeks’ worth, which seems like overkill to me, but oh well, what can I do. I think it’s probably nice to have that for the RA’s; that gives them time to decorate halls and get themes worked out, as well set up their own room and get comfortable where they are before everyone arrives in force. Plus, all the athletes get back this week, so the RA’s are kind of necessary for this extra time.

The Student Mentors, though, are here way early, in my opinion. Their job is a little less ‘managing on campus’ and a little more ‘caring for freshmen.’ The freshmen aren’t here yet. I understand that you could use a little time to prep and get ready for meetings and everything so that you know what you’re supposed to do when everyone gets here, but two weeks is a long time for simple prep, in my mind. But then, I’m not in either group of leadership, so I really have no idea what they’re even doing or anything like that.

I’m simply a student this year…as I have been the last two.

I went into my room for the fall yesterday [I was there with Mysti, who is a SM], and one of the first things I did was take a running leap onto the sketchy looking bed. It wobbled a little, but wasn’t too bad. I opened the closet and the desk drawers and tried to decide which side I wanted to claim. I think I decided but it really doesn’t matter either way. The only thing that’s different is what other residents have left in the closets [that sounds bad]; one side has a little mirror on a door, the other has three hooks [very handy].

Weighing the pro’s and con’s of an empty room is harder than it looks, ya know.

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  1. suchmeagerinsight

    August 10, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    One day, I want to dare a movie production crew to pick a book and make it into a movie – WORD FOR WORD. It could be any book, really, but of course it should be a relatively popular book so that plenty of people would be willing to sit through the marathon event. I would definitely allow them to make multiple movies, so long as the book stays EXACTLY THE SAME. Seriously, can’t we do it just once? Also, it shouldn’t be a book that has already been made into a movie – that would just spoil everything. I’m going to vote for Bad Kitty by Michele Jaffe. That book never fails to make me laugh. Or Things Not Seen by Andrew Clements. It’s a trilogy, but I wouldn’t even mind if they didn’t do the other two books. And there are a few others I could choose, I just can’t think of them.


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