Potter Project Part 6: A Taste of Terror.

05 Aug

So, Harry is sitting in class, and the toad [Umbridge] is being awful and having them take notes instead of practicing anything–and the point of a defense class is, of course, to learn how to defend yourself. There is a small part that is sitting and listening to how something is done, but most of what you should learn in defense is how to actually apply what you learn. But then, as Umbridge says,

“Now, it is the view of the Ministry that a theoretical knowledge will be more than sufficient to get you through your examination, which, after all, is what school is all about…This is school…not the real world.”

So yeah, basically we’re all just in school so that we can hear about what we’re supposed to do, not so that we can actually learn how to do what we’re supposed to do once we get out into the proverbial ‘real world.’

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’m hear to tell you otherwise.

The Toad is a witch. I don’t mean that in the magical, Harry-Potter-y sense. I mean that in the she’s-evil sense. She should never have been allowed to teach at all, let alone people who are in their hardest year of school. The O.W.L. year is tough without someone like her breathing down your neck right next to Snape.

I know that these aren’t real people, but seriously….let me tell you a little story

My tenth grade year of high school, I had the worst teacher ever. I am not exaggerating; you think the Toad is bad, you should have seen this teacher.

She was our Literature teacher [note that it’s not ‘English’ but simply ‘Literature’]. She WAS the Toad. I’m not kidding you. Except we called her the Dragon Lady, not The Toad…

She took us back to things we learned in third grade. And then she also treated us like we were eight, which is really frustrating. She had us do detentions in her room, instead of wherever it is other people do detentions [I’m not sure where…]. Instead of cleaning something, which was our usual punishment, she made us write lines–not kidding–among other extra homework. It was ridiculous. She acted really sweet–too sweet–and then she yelled at us when we did something wrong. It was torture…not kidding.

Anyway, that’s my Umbridge story. Got one like it? I’d love to hear it!

Also, check out the Ministry of Magic band. They have a bunch of videos on YouTube, including Lumos Flies, Accio Love, and Never Leave, as well as a couple albums in iTunes. I know it sounds insanely nerdy and all, but they actually have a lot of really good music, and most of it you can only tell is about Harry Potter if you know it really well.

So check them out! Trust me, they’re pretty great!

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