Potter Project Parts 8 & 9: Students Out Of Bed!

08 Aug

Ladies and gentlemen…the DA, otherwise fondly known as Dumbledore’s Army.

Twenty house points to anyone who can tell me who came up with the name without looking it up.

So, the ‘secret’ society has met, much to the rebellious fifth years’ pleasure, and very much against all of Umbridge’s precious rules. But really, when have students been one for following rules?

Especially considering that the founders are three of the most notorious rule-breakers Hogwarts has seen since the quartet that comprised the makers of the Marauder’s Map. Not to mention the fact that Fred, George, and Lee Jordan are some of the club’s biggest supporters.

Can I just say, they are so amazing? I am seriously in love with those two crazy guys [the twins, that is]. This is just one example of how awesome they are;

Something very odd was happening to Zacharias Smith; every time he opened his mouth to disarm Anthony Goldstein, his own wand would fly out of his hand, yet Anthony did not seem to be making a sound. Harry did not have to look far for the solution of the mystery, however; Fred and George were several feet from Smith and taking it in turns to point their wands at his back.

“Sorry, Harry,” said George hastily, when Harry caught his eye. “Couldn’t resist…”

In case you’d forgotten, Zacharias Smith was the most doubting person in the group. He constantly questions Harry’s authority and knowledge, and all around acts more like Seamus [a bit rude and as if Harry’s gone round the bend] than like the others.

One of the best parts of the DA, in my opinion, is getting to know more about Ginny. She’s speaking now [“Ginny used to fancy Harry, but she gave up on him months ago. Not that she doesn’t like you, of course.”] and that means that you actually get to hear her talk to Harry and give ideas. Turns out, she is the most brilliant Weasley yet–she’s got all of the older boys’ determination, plus the twins’ sense of humor and wit, plus Ron’s loyalty. She really is the best of them, in my opinion. Plus, she’s an absolute genius in jinxes, hexes, and that sort of thing. It talks about her Bat Bogey Hex–even the twins get all misty-eyed and fond when they talk about that.

There is, of course, the small problem of her dating. Ron can’t stand anyone who she dates;

“Michael Corner and his friends wouldn’t have come if he hadn’t been going out with Ginny–”

…”Which one was Michael Corner?” Ron demanded furiously.

“The dark one,” said Hermione.

“I didn’t like him,” said Ron at once.

Even Harry has an almost regretful feeling about her dating him, except that the fact that she’s dating someone doesn’t really sink in until quite a bit later; he’s too completely concentrated on the fact that Cho Chang [crush alert!!] was praising him in the first meeting in the Hog’s Head Inn [or bar, or both].

The fact that the meetings take place in the Room of Requirement add to the overall awesomeness of the DA. Harry, safely inside, can watch for teachers, ghosts, or Filch to make sure that students can sneak out of the room after hours and still make it back to their halls without getting caught, and since no one can get into the RoR when Harry wishes it, and since you disappear off the face of the map when you step inside, the RoR turns out to be the most perfect place to have a meeting that goes against school rules, laws, and even some intuition [Hermione].

Just imagine what a disaster it would be if Harry didn’t have the map and Filch was lurking right around the corner…

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