Potter Project Part 10: Harry’s Sixth Sense.

09 Aug

So, as we’re finding out every time Harry opens his mouth, this kid is kind of an odd duck. Seriously…I don’t know what’s up with him. I mean, yeah, him being part Moldy I can understand [well…kind of], but him being rude and weird and angry and having visions in which he’s a snake? That’s not cool.

Harry has a sixth sense. No, he doesn’t see dead people…all the time…usually they’re just seriously hurt and dying, but not dead…Usually.

Proof? He sees Mr. Weasley get struck by Nagini [who he doesn’t know exists, I guess…]. One step beyond that…he IS the snake, striking Arthur three times. He can feel his fangs sinking in, breaking ribs, drawing blood. He’s satisfied in his destruction; he’s happy with the blood he sheds. His anger in satisfied.

If that wasn’t weird enough, there’s the added bonus that when he looks in Dumbledore’s eyes [for the first time since the graveyard scene in 4] he gets mad, super mad, and wants to sink his fangs into Dumbledore, as well. He has to constantly remind himself that he doesn’t even have fangs, he wasn’t the one striking Arthur, and he like Dumbledore.

Seriously, this kid needs anger management or something.

That something ends up being his Occlumency classes, of course, but Harry doesn’t know that yet. And really, how is that supposed to work? They set him up with Snape, of all people. Snape is the last person who would calm Harry “The Temper” Potter down.

Yup, that’s what I’m gonna call him. So now we have The Temper and The Toad.

Speaking of the two Terrible T’s [hehe], guess what The Toad just did? That’s right. She banned Harry, Fred, and George from Quidditch. And it wasn’t just a you-can’t-play-till-next-year kind of ban. Oh, no. This was a you-can’t-play-for-the-rest-of-your-life kind of ban. Dead serious, too, even though Toad looked so stinkin’ happy when she said it.

What a jerk.

That lady really makes me mad. I’m honestly surprised that Rowling didn’t bring her back in the seventh book and say Ta-DA! she’s a Death Eater now, too. I really would not have been shocked. Seriously, she gives the Slitherin team so much privilege and doesn’t do anything bad to any of them ever, but Harry and George get a little mad because Malfoy is too small for his huge mouth…and whammo. They’re basically grounded. She’s like a really, really, really bad parent who likes one kid better…

I have to remind myself to calm down and not be like Harry in this book, even though I want to reach through the pages and punch Umbridge. Rawr.

I know, I know! They’re not real people.

But they’re realistic. That’s close enough for me.

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