Harry Potter Part 12: Recap. [gah]

11 Aug

Alright, so I mentioned NaNoWriMo last post, but I just wanted to mention it again and see if anyone was going to do it with me. It could be REALLY fun! I mean it.

Did I tell you guys about VALA? It stands for Vlog A Lotta August. Basically, the idea is to post a vlog every day [or as close as you can get to that] in August. Pretty self explanatory. Well, since I’m not exactly a YouTuber, I’ve decided to try something a little different. Instead of vlogging, I’m going to Blog a lotta August. I may try VALA in the future, but for now I’m just going to blog. I’m better at it [well, I think I am].

So I’ve been watching YouTube a lot, in case you didn’t realize. It’s kind of a new obsession. Wanna know why? I watched this video. I was hooked. DIE. All those things? I will destroy them. [You will NOT understand that unless you watch the video. Click it. CLICK IT.]

ANYway. To Harry Potter? Yes, let’s.

Dang, I’m in a crazy mood.


I’m not going to finish that sentence, actually…

Alright. So I have basically not read since I posted yesterday [even with the hours and hours (not an exaggeration) of sleeplessness…I’m completely useless], so I’m just going to go revisit a few key things.

One. The Order.

You’re probably wondering, What’s the order, Molly? Order of what? Order at Burger King?

Wrong. You stink at this game.

The Order is a top secret society [you didn’t hear it here] that the older wizards working in the Ministry [of Magic] form in order to fight Moldy Voldy, the super evil dark wizard. In case you didn’t know, ‘dark’ is here code for ‘he will destroy all things.’ Pretty simple. Anyway. The Order of the Phoenix was created by Dumblefore, way back before the Dark Lord [Moldy] rose to his full power and killed Harry’s parents. The Order then was comprised of a bunch of people with very strange names [like Dilys] who banded together to fight the evil forces.

In the ‘modern’ day, or the day that Harry is viewing and we read about, the Order has taken defeat a couple times. Hard. The Potters are dead, and the members are picked off one…by one…by one. And no ‘kids’ are allowed in. Sad day.

Two. Dumbledore’s Army.

AKA, my favorite part of this enormously long and heavy book.

The DA is, of course, the ‘kid’ version of the Order, even though all but six of the kids in it have no idea what they’re a part of [not really]. Harry himself doesn’t really realize that he is essentially making a Junior Order. That’s it’s other name, if you didn’t know. To me, at least. If you told anyone else you were a fan of the Junior Order of the Phoenix, they would probably run screaming away from you and never talk to you again.

Oh gosh. Breath. HEH.

Three. Ginny Weasley.

I know I keep bringing her up, but I think that you need to watch the fifth movie in order to completely understand just how freaking awesome the youngest Weasley is. She’s also the only girl, and her mom’s name is Molly [love that name. Don’t know why], and she’s super awesome in every way. She would be cooler if she was a Ravenclaw [PERSONAL BIAS YAY].

Four. The twins and their antics.

Oh boy do I love those two. I want to marry George, missing ear and all [spoiler…]. Their little joke-shop-in-progress makes me so happy. Every time they’re testing their ridiculous little creations, I laugh. Sometimes out loud. Actually, when they talk, my laughter is not exactly something I can restrain. True story.

Hem. Five? Um. Hogsmead.

I haven’t really talked about this, but I really love when they describe the little town near Hogwarty Warts. Good stuff. Zonko’s is especially awesome, because there’s always a little view of the twins in their natural habitat in the windows. Then there’s Honeydukes. Oh gosh, if I could open a candy store, it would be a bizarrely awesome mix of the cart from the train and Honeyduke’s, that magical [pun…ha] land of sugary amazingness. Keep dreamin’, Molly…

No, not Mrs. Weasley. You’re a little slow today.

Get with the program.

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