Potter Project Part 15: WhizBANGs.

14 Aug

Ah, Fred. Ah, George.



Alright, so Elizabeth had a little fun with my open computer. I apologize…but I’m not removing it. I think it’s funny.

So really, no apologies.

Alright, back to the wonderful manly twins. Ah, I love them. They are brilliant, hilarious, and mischievous. The best kind of guy.

So, since every single person in this book [next to Malfoy and Filch] absolutely hates Umbridge’s guts, the Weasley men [meaning the twins] decided that something had to be done.

And really, something did have to be done…And what they did was just so completely magical that it blows every other kind of prank out of the water. Fireworks? I think yes.

They hexed the fireworks [or jinxed them? I don’t know] so that they would just be worse if people tried to stop them. For example, Umbridge stupifies them, and instead of pausing mid-air and dying, they explode loudly and create a huge puff of smoke…then keep going. Oh, and if you try to vanish them, they multiply by ten.

“But we used our whole stock, we’re going to have to start from scratch.”

Well, that’s okay, Fred, I’ll buy some and support you. I really will. I will marry your ghost, too.

Ah, good boys, them.

Even Hermione is impressed with this trick; she’s so happy that Umbridge is disgruntled with all that happens that she’s doesn’t even mind.

Of course, part of that is because Umbridge and her crony followers decided that Dumbledore really was making an army–SNEAK in the DA–and so Umbridge replaced Dumbledore, who just poofed off the grid with Fawkes, the coolest animal in any of the books. Well…one of the coolest.

And then there’s the matter of Snape’s bad memories…

Occlumency is getting more and more interesting. Just now.

Yeah, I’ll tell you all about Snape’s horrible childhood next time.

And sorry this post is so short…and so late…

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