16 Aug

So. Guess who’s reading Harry Potter very, very, very insanely slowly?

Me. Guilty.

So instead of writing right now, I’m going to go to Sonic and try to read just a little more so that I can talk about something relevant and new…so I don’t do another hi-I’m-hyper kind of recap…

Cause no one wants another one of those.

Man, I should be reading my homework assignments. Or at least, you know, reading Harry…but no. Instead I’m being all kinds of stalker and creeping on people. It’s pretty entertaining. For me.

So, instead of posting about Harry or the twins or even my life today…I’ll think I leave this as a very, very short post. It’s beautiful outside, so go enjoy the weather while it’s still warm. I know I’m going to. Plus I have a class soon, so I want to relax a bit before then. I will post a longer blog tomorrow [and it will have something to do with Hogwarts and Harry and all that] so just bear with me as I take a day ‘off.’

Have a good one, and enjoy the start of school!

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