Potter Project Parts 17 & 18: The Toad Attacks.

17 Aug

Harry has been having a rough year, huh?

I’d say so. At least he’s staying busy, and at least it’s interesting. The twins keep it so.

But the Temper hasn’t really learned how to stay in check, and the Toad has been having some fun with that. Of course, she also tried to give him some completely illegal Veritaserum, the truth serum, but Harry took a page from Mad Eye’s book and didn’t actually drink said illegal substance…it’s only illegal at school. Well, not really illegal, I guess, but very frowned upon. Definitely not something that teachers should be giving students.

So Toad passed another few school rules, the newest being that teachers cannot give advice or anything like that on anything except their own subject. That means that McGonagall, even though she’s in the Order, can’t tell Harry and friends anything about the newly escaped Death Eaters.

Dean Thomas argues that that means Umbridge shouldn’t be able to tell Fred and George off for anything; she shouldn’t be able to do anything besides sit in her classroom and teach–which is what the other teachers are required to do, or else they will get fired.

Dean Thomas gets detention, and next time Harry sees him, his hand is bleeding.

Anyway. That’s a little insight, a bit late, I know, but there it is. I will do a little more tomorrow, I promise! Till then, however, this will have to suffice…Sorry again about my dwindling posts. School interferes with everything. 😉

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