Potter Part 19: A Movie Review.

18 Aug

So today, I walked into my room after class, and there my roommate was, watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Ah, flashback.

Can I just take a moment and reflect on the people they cast for the roles?

Don’t answer that. You don’t have a say. I’m doing it anyway.

Ha. Stinks to stink.

First, Harry. How did they know when they cast Daniel Radcliffe that eleven years later, he would be the perfect Harry? I mean, yeah, he’s dark haired and a little wimpy right off, but he’s still just a ten year old kid in the first one!

Then there’s Hermione. Talk about a perfect role, she is definitely it. Her twelve year old self was the embodiment of the Hermione in the books. She’s so awesome! I mean, the hair, the over-the-top everything air she assumes. As she grew older, she fit even better into the cast. She tamed the hair, like she was supposed to, she was suddenly beautiful, and she got smarter and more courageous than ever. As the character in the book grew, so did Emma Watson.

Ron. Rupert Grint is very much excellent best friend material. He’s a little slow [as Ron] but he grows more and more to be valuable. as a friend. As he grows, he gets to be exactly as the books describes him to be.

Ginny. Ginny is absolutely the best cast, right next to Malfoy. She was the youngest of the cast; red hair was about all she had going for her in the beginning. But she grows to be an absolute BEAST. She’s the coolest, and she does quite a good job of taking the lead in hers and Harry’s relationship…She’s also pretty enough to date all the guys, like the books say she does.

Malfoy. Oh man. Tom Felton is definitely one of the coolest people in the cast. He told reporters after the third or fourth movie that he was getting boo’d when he walked down the street. He played his character so well that people started disliking him! I found that hilarious. He looks exactly the part he’s supposed to play.

It’s really amazing how perfect a job they did with casting. Obviously, this isn’t all the characters, but there’s a lot of them…so I only did the main characters.

Hope you enjoyed that!

Here’s something to think about as I leave you;

What would have happened if Harry hasn’t meant the Weasleys? What about if he had taken Malfoy up on his offer of ‘friendship?’ What if Hermione had gotten sorted into Ravenclaw instead of Gryffindor, as professors say she should have been? What if Harry, Ron, and Hermione had never formed their dynamic trio? What if Dumbledore hadn’t been headmaster? Or better yet, what if Harry and Dumbledore couldn’t stand each other?

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