Just Your Average Friday Night…Or Not.

22 Aug

I keep thinking, oh look! I’m done with homework for today! I can read more Harry Potter!

And then I remember, there’s school tomorrow and I have to do a lot of homework for those classes. DARN. IT.

So guess what that means? That’s right!

A life blog! Yay!

And some pictures. Cause I promised, didn’t I.

Third place team! From left to right: Maxine, Alex, myself, Elizabeth, and Holly.

Picture with a Sonic worker? Check.

Pyramid collaboration with another team? Check.

Picture of us holding a 'flying' teammate in front of the plane? Check.

Picture with a Walmart worker? Check.

Aren’t those just the most awesome pictures you’ve ever seen? We had so much fun running around taking them. We seriously could have kept going for quite a while had it not been for the time limit they gave us; sixty minutes. As it was, though, we were on of the most efficient teams and managed to get 18 pictures in that short amount of time. It was harder than it sounds because we had to run all over town and get pictures with a lot of random things. A couple that I didn’t post are:

1. Someone on the team doing a handstand in front of a RedBox [not the one near Walmart].

2. A picture with a buffalo [bonus point if it was pink].

3. A picture with a Quik Trip worker.

4. A picture of the team with the 66 sign downtown [bonus point if someone planked it].

5. A picture of the team with a duck [bonus if you catch the duck and have picture proof].

So we got a few bonus points, but unfortunately we failed to catch a duck. They’re skittish little things.

We ended up tying for third place and getting a $3 gift card for Doc Lacy’s, the coffee house here on campus.

Win. Yes.

All in all, a very successful night…and I’m not even counting the best part of the Friday night.

Mad Libs Dash Night.

It’s going to become a regular thing now.

The basic gist is that you’re playing Mad Libs–you know, finding verbs and plural nouns and foods and such. Instead of filling it out ourselves, though, Holly and Elizabeth and I wrote down a list and went all across campus to get words from random people. We ended up with quite an interesting little story, not to mention some really hilarious lines! One of the words I got was Charmander [the pokemon]. I got ‘boyfriends’ for a plural noun. Ramen for a food. Lots of stuff like that. It was really fun, and we decided that every Friday night is going to be Mad Libs Dash Night.

So people hanging out around campus? Have some words ready.


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3 responses to “Just Your Average Friday Night…Or Not.

  1. suchmeagerinsight

    August 22, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    Oh yeah. Mad Libs Dash Night and Ultimate Catchphrase. We come up with some of the best parlor game parodies ever.

  2. walktheovergrownpath

    August 22, 2011 at 7:26 pm

    Love it, mad libs-definitely a do over (again-cause it was a good thing)!

    • walktheovergrownpath

      August 22, 2011 at 9:41 pm

      Can’t wait for more pictures 🙂


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