Trapped Like A Mouse.

24 Aug

So, the school is doing a play this fall, November 11th through the 14th. I’m really excited about it; if there’s one thing I love as much as English everything, it’s acting anything. So we had tryouts on Tuesday [I guess that’s yesterday, isn’t it?]. I had a lot of fun doing it–I know all the people there, and they’re all really awesome people. Plus, the director is an amazing, crazy, hilarious woman. She knows how to do auditions, and she gives great direction and advice.

The rehearsal went really well. At the end, Denise [the director] sighed and told us we screwed up her pre-casting list; she had us all already set up as characters, all our parts assigned. We laughed when she told us that and gave each other a couple high-fives. Score one for the cast! Denise had to spend the next few hours laboriously trying to decide who was going to be what person [she told one of the guys that he could be any character in the play, including a couple of the women’s roles].

Meanwhile we all squirmed in our seats and waiting with bated breath for her to make the final decision and release the emotional wave of finding out what part we got.

When it came, I was actually sitting in my night class. There was a little lull in the note-taking while the professor expanded on pop culture, so I got online to check my email [don’t judge me]. I opened it and–lo and behold–there was an email from Denise, reading simply, “Cast List.”

I almost screamed. I almost passed out. I almost stopped breathing completely. My heart skipped a beat.

Or ten.

I waited for about five minutes before I dared to open it; I was afraid I would get a part I didn’t really want, one that would be easier than the other parts but not as much fun and not as big a challenge.

Oh, did I mention the name of the play?

It’s the Mousetrap, by Agatha Christie. Here’s the cast list: [they’re all British except for two]

Giles–young married man, just starting a little guest house with his wife

Mollie–Giles’ wife, the driving force behind the guest house. Still completely in love

Christopher Wren–a little bit of a fruity character, very funny, architect

Mrs. Boyle–the most cranky old woman you will ever meet. Ever.

Major Metcalf–a retired Major…that’s all I know so far

Casewell–a manly American woman, a bit…odd

Sergeant Trotter–a cop who shows up halfway through the play

Paravincini–an Italian woman who shows up right after the rooms are full

So that’s the list. A little small, but we only had a couple extra people, so we double cast Mrs. Boyle’s and Mollie’s parts.

Guess who I got? Go ahead, guess. Guess!


That’s right. Paravincini! The Italian woman. She’s supposed to be a mystery, weird, cryptic lines, and a lot of money, from the look of her. I can’t wait. How fun is this going to be?

Come see the show!

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