All Things Travel.

29 Aug


That word makes me melt. I’m a puddle of melted butter when someone talks about Europe…or Africa…or Asia…or anywhere. Someone says “Ireland” and I get shivers. You say “France” and I get all tingly. You say “Italy” and there’s no chance of me having a coherent thought after that. Seriously. Try it sometime…just not in class.

I love the idea of travelling. It doesn’t matter where to me, or at least not that much. Italy is number one on my list, but after that, it’s all a little fuzzy and I could really care less…as long as I’m going somewhere and not staying in Oklahoma. Basically, if I’m not in the ville, I’m be good. That’s sad, but it’s true.

The biggest problem I have with travel is this: if I go to Italy, I’m staying there. That wouldn’t be so bad if I weren’t so close to my family…which I am. So if my family can come with me…or something like that…then I would be the happiest person on the planet. If I could see them and still live the dream, that would be the most wonderful thing ever.

Travel and Italy [mmmh] is the reason I love The Mousetrap, the play we’re doing in November. First, it’s set in England, so everyone has to do a British accent–everyone, that is, except two characters. One is an American, which is alright, I guess. The other, however, is a fancy Italian. And the best part? I get to play that Italian, which means that I will be speaking with an Italian accent until well into December. If you see me and I sound strange, just know that I’m getting into my role.

It shouldn’t be too hard. I love all things Italy, after all.

Venice! Ah, Venizzia! Bella! I am in love with a city on a canal…with gondoliers…with gondolas, period…with the city of beauty…

You are probably about to throw up by this point, so I will leave you with this;

If you give me a chance to travel abroad, I will love you forever.

And ever.

And ever.

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One response to “All Things Travel.

  1. suchmeagerinsight

    August 30, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    Ooh!! Ooh!! I want to come! Take me with you! Although I’ve never been terribly thrilled to travel to Italy, I still want to go. But if we stop in Ireland I may not get any farther. Same goes for France. And England…


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