03 Sep

Labor Day weekend. What an ironic name for half of the country–you know, the half that doesn’t work for the state or for a Christian organization. The half that LABORS on Labor Day…not the half that doesn’t.

On Labor Day weekend, the mall is packed, restaurants full to bursting, and people everywhere are busy, busy, busy. Busier than ever. The lucky half that gets to sleep in and take the day slow make the day worse for those working; I know this well. I’ve been on both sides. The half that has to work get up earlier than usual just so they can get everything ready for the mob that’s soon to come for dinner, or the great sales, or even just a night at the movies with that someone.

Then there’s the other other half. You know, the half that doesn’t have to go in on Monday morning. The half that does, in fact, get to sleep in…but also the half that doesn’t have anyone to go out with, no one to have dinner with or watch a cheesy movie with.

The half that spends their day inside, studying or nerding out instead of having a good, romping time in town. The half that has a homework study party instead of a dinner date.

This half’s half is what I like to call ‘poor, single, overachieving college students.’

Ladies and gentlemen, exhibit A: Me.

That’s right. Guess who has to read twenty five chapters of the great whale story? Guess who is going to spend an afternoon deciphering the Canterbury tales? Guess who’s going to spend the day trying to finish writing a short story for Inklings meetings?

I have little social life. My books? They’re my most loyal friends.

Not to mention my absent roommate’s movie collection.

Not to say I don’t like this kind of thing. A great afternoon is one that’s spent reading books for hours, writing for a couple more, and eating apples and chocolate throughout. I’m Jo March [Little Women]. I’m every author’s ideal bookworm. I’d rather spend three hours reading than almost anything else. Sure, I can think of things I’d love to do. Sure, I’d love to go out to dinner. But…when you have homework, and you actually don’t mind doing it? It’s not a horrible afternoon.

Actually, I’m really lucky that my Monday is going to be so slow. I have a lot of catching up to do in Moby Dick. Wanna know how big an overachiever I am?

I promised myself I’d have the book read by Tuesday.

We don’t have to have it finished until a week from Tuesday.

I have about eighty chapters left.

Bring it on.

And don’t let’s forget the chips and salsa, eh?


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2 responses to “Monday.

  1. suchmeagerinsight

    September 4, 2011 at 2:21 pm

    Ooh! Ooh! Can I join you? I told myself I would have the week’s lesson plans done by Monday. I have three to go. Plus a couple other projects. Please I can I come??? I’ll even bring my own chocolate…

    • waitingondarcy

      September 4, 2011 at 10:23 pm

      Of course you can come. We can be super awesome overachievers together! 😉


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