The Hunger Games.

07 Sep

Pop quiz.

1.How many notes was Rue’s warning tune for Katniss?
2.What were Rue’s last words?
3.What district was the boy Katniss killed from?
4.What color was the backpack that saved Peeta’s life?
5.Who were the final five competitors [not counting D12]?
6.How many times was Katniss stung by the tracker jackers?
7.How did Foxface die?
8.How many arrows did it take for Katniss to shoot the bag of apples down in order to destroy the pile of food the Careers had?
9.What is that boy’s defining feature or trait? AKA, what makes him stand out from the other Careers and tributes?
10.What district was the boy from that helped the Careers with their death trap of a fort?

If you use the book, you’re cheating.
Good luck. 😉

Just getting you psyched for the movie!

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