From Hum-Drum to…Not.

07 Oct

Writing exercise time!


Alright, here’s the deal.

Think of a conversation you’ve had recently. Not one of your awesome, laugh-for-ten-minutes conversations. An average, hey-how’s-it-going?-conversation. Write that conversation down.

Got it down? Now go through it again. Fictionalize the  names of the people speaking. Take out the boring lines. Spice it up a little. Don’t worry, creative license covers all.

Now put the conversation together again and red through it. Sound better? Make you laugh, maybe, even if you are only talking about the horrible morning your friend had? Good!

Now go through and add a little something we writers call ‘stage directions.’

This means add things like ‘…she said as she grabbed her purse to walk out the door.’ Make the readers see what’s going on as your characters are talking. Feel free to change anything you want in this process, including the dialogue you just wrote for this.

What do you know. You just made a very interesting fictional conversation out of something that actually happened.

Welcome to the ranks of writers!

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