12 Oct

You know those days where you wake up and you just sit in bed and think, “Wow, this is a wonderful morning, and it can only get better from here!” ?

When does that ever happen, I know.

This week is kind of the opposite. Yes, I still enjoy myself at times. Yes, I still have fun. Yes, I still live life to the fullest I can.

But then I go to bed at night and think, “Tomorrow is a new day, and things will be better!”

And then I wake up and think, “What a terrible morning. Chances are good it can only get worse. Great.”

So I hit my snooze button and go back to bed for another…you know, fifteen minutes.

It’s mid-semester, midterms, and mid-fall. I need a mid-break.

Thank goodness Fall Break is coming up–only a few days away! I am so excited. I want to get back into the normal swing of life. Or, you the know, the semblance of normal. The most ‘normal’ I can get without becoming a different person.

So basically, I miss the weirdness of my life before school and homework. I want the normal, everyday, hum-drum, preset schedules to be over for just a few days so that I can breathe and read and dance like a crazy moron. Which…I am.

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

In other words, it’s getting old. This whole…normal thing.

Am I getting cabin fever? Am I going stir-crazy?

Most likely.


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