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21 Oct

Alright, so as most of you know, November is NaNoWriMo. That stands for National Novel Writing Month–the 30 days in which one is supposed to write a novel.

That’s right. An ENTIRE novel. In a month.

Who’s excited? Me.

Who’s doing it? …maybe me…

To be perfectly honest, the whole idea of writing a book in that amount of time scared the crud outta me. Think about it: your average novel is about 50,000 words. That’s about 1,600 words A DAY. That is a ridiculous amount of writing to do in a day. Seriously, most papers aren’t really that long. Yeesh.

Just thinking about this is giving me a headache…seriously. WHAT DO I WRITE ABOUT?

Got any ideas for me to include in my maybe-possibly-soon-to-exist book? I need some characters, if you want to suggest anything, and I also need a good solid plot. I usually have the most trouble with the middle of a book or story–I get past the killer beginning and can’t figure out how to get to the sucker-punch of an ending.



If you comment and I end up using ANY of your ideas, I will use your name [possibly spelled differently] in my book at least once.

Sound good? Awesome.

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